It’s hard to be better, isn’t it? When another failure comes through, don’t give up as life is a journey and not a race that you need to do everything immediately. Self-growth is a gradual process, and there is no overnight success. You need to take a small step every day to be better at something in the future, not tomorrow. Here are few ways how you should try to be someone better each day.


Be patient.

This is How You Can be 1% Better Every Day

What you want out of yourself can’t happen immediately. You have to take notice throughout the process. There would be boring days and life isn’t going to become interesting all of a sudden. There are no quick hacks to achieve anything in this world. Stop reading about what you should do and not do instead, take action.


Your unrealistic goals are not inspiring.

When dreams are too big to achieve, they can overwhelm you and make you feel like a failure. Rather, you should take small steps and thus be inspired by your positive actions. Your brain tends to get scared seeing the difficult tasks and thus, do what’s easier and set that small goal for now.

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You have to make sacrifices.

This is How You Can be 1% Better Every Day

You won’t always get everything that you want in life and sacrifices is part and parcel. If you need to sit back and work on your project on a Saturday night, instead of hanging out with your friends, you must feel proud of doing it. You are closer to your goal if you are making sacrifices to reach that desired destination.


Start developing good habits

You don’t need to replace your dinner with salads every night, but you can try it three times a week until you start enjoying it. One can be better if they have a healthy routine. The first day, you can have six glasses of water, the next day makes it 8. If you are going for a walk for half an hour, add ten minutes more after a few days.

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Read almost every day. Even if you start with two pages a day, that is good enough. Reading has psychological benefits, and it would boost your mental health. Books can open your mind to different situations that one comes across in life and you might be able to find answers for your own. Reading before bedtime has the most relaxing effect on your brain. Instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed, spare out time for a book.

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Have a healthy morning routine.

This is How You Can be 1% Better Every Day

Well begun, is half done, isn’t it? If you start your day on a good note, the rest of the day might feel good. You would be calmer and have more patience. Have a warm cup of coffee or tea, do some stretches and get on with your day. Stretching helps in releasing stress, and it reduces muscle soreness. They would only take 15 minutes of your time anyway, so why not just do it?


Be consistent

Consistency and determination are the keys to achieving goals. Whatever you have planned, stick with it and keep it under your focus. Make it a priority that you would do at least one thing that brings you closer to being better. Even if you do fall back, get up and start moving again.

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Devote time to a new skill.

This is How You Can be 1% Better Every Day

Are there a few skills you want to develop? Then start devoting at least 30 minutes of the day to it. Be it regarding team management, any skills for office work or personal hobby; you must devote your time to learn something new. You would remain upbeat and never feel mundane if you always spend some time doing different tasks. Eventually, when you learn it, you would feel proud of yourself.


That is why it’s said 1%.

Even if you are a perfectionist, taking a baby step towards your goal will benefit you in the long run.

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