Being single doesn’t mean that you are not a qualified player. It is not the end of the world either.

You are single today, but you will end up in a relationship sooner or later.

All we can say now is that being in a relationship is overrated.

We know that you do feel jealous when you see your friends hanging around with their partners. However, being in a relationship is not always as amazing as you imagine.

Truth to be told, a man can never be thankful enough for his single status.

If we start counting the pros of being single, you would probably make up your mind to stay the same for at least the next five years.

However, just bragging about our words without proving them, won’t be a fair deal. We have therefore decided to bring you ten solid reasons that will make you rethink if being in a relationship can make you happy?

So, here we go with the reasons why being single is just excellent.



1. You can control your money

Perks of Being Single

All the money you have in your pocket or your bank account is yours. You can spend it all in whatever way you want as you don’t have someone to think about (exclude parents).

There is nothing as amazing as having to spend all your money on yourself. If you get it in excess, you can save all that money to buy your dream.

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2. You can control your time

When single, your time isn’t monitored by an external force (read partner). It is up to you to decide whether to wake-up at 10 am or evening 7, It is up to you to decide whether you wish to get out today or not, and lastly, it is up to decide what you want to do at the given moment.

When you get into a relationship, all these liberties seem to be snatched away by your partner, she becomes your dictator, and you need to follow her rules.

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3. You can be YOURSELF

Most couples obliged to be nice to each other, whether they like it or not. Trust me; no one can always be nice to someone for absolutely no reason.

There are times when you will be p*ssed off and want to speak out whatever that’s on your mind.

But you are lucky enough to stay single and away from all these fusses. Being single means, you don’t need to show your fake love to anyone. This is a blessing for all the singles.

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4. You can flirt with anyone

Oh come on, you are not committed to anyone and therefore, have got the right to flirt with anyone. Flirt with as many potential guys/girls as you want and then come up with the one who deserves. It is all about experimenting. Make sure you don’t don’t overdo it, or it may backfire. It’s all about trial & error, you know.

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5. You can party at any time

Perks of Being Single

You don’t have to seek for your partner’s permission to go out and party. You are free to go and hang along with your besties whenever and wherever you want. Partying and drinking with your besties every night, without having to care for anything is the best feeling. Till you are single, you can follow this simple mantra – My life, my rules!


6. You don’t live with expectations

Expectations hurt, especially when you expect something from a girl. We aren’t saying that it happens in all relationships, but it does happen in most cases. You want something, but your partner believes in the opposite. These differences in opinions and higher expectations never let the chemistry blossom and hence leaving one of the two, hurt. Make it clear, No Expectation = No pains.

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7. You are not answerable to anyone

You are single; you don’t have responsibilities on your head. Do it right, or do it wrong, no one is going to ask you anything regarding it (except parents). It means that you can take up any choice and then see where the road lands up. However, it doesn’t mean that you will make decisions blindfolded, make sure you do a reality check before taking any significant decision.


8. You can make decisions

As said on point #7, you are not answerable to anyone and therefore, have the liberty to do what you like. You are mature, you are without responsibilities and not to forget, you are young and energetic too. So, why waste your most active years sitting idle or in the park with your partner? Get out of your comfort zone, take tough decisions or make a plan to travel the world. We bet you will never regret doing it.

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9. You don’t have commitments

Perks of Being Single

While most of your friends are stuck at deciding if their present partner is the one with whom they will be spending the rest of the life, you can simply worry about how to spend the evening. See #4; you are single, so you can flirt with few more potential boy/girlfriends and then think about getting serious only when you are ready for it. Make sure you don’t get overindulged in it, or your partner will force you to commit even before you are ready.

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10. You can do whatever you want

Summing it all up, you don’t have commitments, you can take your own decisions, you can party at any time, you can control your time, and most importantly, you can manage your money. So, all of them suggests that you can do whatever the f*ck you want without having to worry even for a moment. So, are you proud to be single? We hope that you are!

Are there any more liberties of being single? If so, do let us know about them in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

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