In spite of spending many years in school and making amazing friends, there are a few essential life lessons that textbooks do not include. We were young, crazy and knew nothing about the world that time. Friends, who we spend the years with growing up, know us the best, yet they are not our world, right? After we pass out, we realise how tough life actually is.

Not everyone is trustworthy, nor just one look can judge anyone. But, there are ways we can cope up with life in a better way, which is not hiding inside your room because the world is cruel, alright? Stop fidgeting and read:


“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Life Lessons You Never Learned In School

There are first world problems with everyone. “My diamond shoes are too tight”, or “I ate two chocolates today, and I am going to get fat.” but hey! You must not sweat over stuff that’s too petty when there are other things to be bothered about. When a tension arises, one must always look at the bigger picture. Would the problem bother you even after a year? If not, it probably is nothing to get sweaty about, unless, you are binging on chocolates every day and can’t help it.


It’s not all about you.

It is good to be self-confident and self-sufficient, but you must realise that the world does not revolve around you. Stop overthinking about yourself as it will only end up making you a bit selfish. Do you know that there was life before you, and there will be after you? If you show arrogant behaviour, people will stop being around you as they can. Along with it, don’t beat yourself for how someone would judge you, as believe it or not, no one even thinks about us as much as we do.

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Relationships are valuable.

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Even if we are taught in school about how to earn, how to save and how to spend, life is indeed about how to build strong relationships. You will not be able to enjoy all your money and materialistic things if you don’t have anyone to share it with. Some people are so blinded by all the money they have, that they don’t realise how alone they are. Sad, right? I hope you don’t wish to see yourself like that years down the line. Try hard to keep that balance.


You are responsible for your happiness.

We often tend to rely on our partner for our happiness, especially when its new relationship and the minute boredom strikes in, we feel how our partner is not able to keep us happy anymore.

Nothing could be more depressing than depending on our partner for our happiness. Joy is indeed a state of our mind, and even though our relationships can make our lives richer, they cannot fill the gaps which we need to fill ourselves.

Have your hobbies and your alone time and know the numerous ways by which you can keep yourselves happy. Don’t burden your partner with that responsibility.

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Life Lessons You Never Learned In School

Holding grudges would take you nowhere. Remember your best friend who dated your girlfriend? Forgive him already, will you? If you no longer talk to those people, it is essential to forgive them in your mind and not sustain any negative thoughts for them. It will bring you peace. It is even tougher to forgive ourselves. For me, it is a daily struggle, but altogether I know how important it is because it prevents all of us from enjoying our lives to the fullest.


Laugh each day

Watch the comedy shows or have the sense of humour in yourself. Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” While he must be endorsing his comic shows, but the man had a point. Laughter is the best medicine when love ruins our life, am I right?

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There is no substitute for exercise

Life Lessons You Never Learned In School

One should never take their health for granted. I know it is too cliché, but staying physically active enhances your mood in a much better way, and you would not require a cigarette to do that for you. Try it, and you will get addicted to exercise soon.

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Persistence gets you everything.

It could even get you the girl of your dreams. *wink*, unless, you are stalking her and making her uncomfortable, which you should not! But if you are persistent with the other dreams you have, you are going to fulfil them. Keep a focus on your goals and life will surprise you by knocking several opportunities on your door.

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It’s okay to fail.

Teachers might have scared your guts by saying, “Study hard or you will fail in life”, but they were probably covering the fact that they are no good at teaching. Failure makes us humble, and if we stand back up, we will succeed eventually. It is not about the success, after all; it is about the journey that takes you there.


Tell them you love them.

Last but not the least, never keep those feelings inside you, or you might end up regretting or making several scenarios in your head about how it might have turned out. Show your loved ones how much you love them, as they will be the ones standing with you in the dark tunnel.

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