Are you finding it hard to live the life you want? If so, then why? It’s your life, and you are the one in control, but why can’t you still drive it the way you want? Maybe you are under certain circumstances that are preventing you from doing so.

You might be thinking to live the life you want, but only once all these problems come to an end? But you know what? You are making a big mistake if you think so; life won’t let you settle without problems till you die.

Every day comes with a new set of challenges, no matter what your age is, or what your business is! You will face problems at every point.

However, If you sincerely want to live your life, you need to make an effort today itself (Right Now) even if you are burdened with worries and problems.

What you do today will reflect your future and will help you to live a happy and positive life. If you are ready to take the necessary steps now, you may read this article. Else, it’s better to bounce back right now.

Assuming that you are interested in changing your life, here are ELEVEN Life Truths that will help you to live the life you always wanted to.


1. Clear your mind

How to Live The Life You Want

No, it’s not a life truth. It’s just an essential and the first step required to live the life you want to.

You need first to make your mind before proceeding with the next steps.

Just do a Clean Format of your brain, and allow yourself to be more open and see the world from different perspective. Learn new things, set-up new life goals, do the things that make you happy and lastly change the way you think.

Nothing Good or Bad happens to us; it is just our perspective that makes us believe the former or later one. Make your mind to flow like WATER, free to flow anywhere and takes up the shape of the vessel it is placed on!


2. Happiness doesn’t come with Money

Of course, money is important in life. But, it doesn’t buy happiness. A millionaire can be sitting at home, Alone and Depressed if he doesn’t have enough friends and relatives to make him happy.

Your wealth has little to do with your Happiness. Happiness always comes from the inner heart and sometimes a $10 ice-cream with your loved ones feels better than buying an iPhone for yourself.

Even if you aren’t rich, appreciate all the little things in life as they won’t happen to you again. (If you are missing out on this) A day might come when you will have enough money in your pocket, but no one to share the joy!

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3.  Your life won’t let you have it all

How to Live The Life You Want

The saddest truth of life is that you can’t have everything you desire, until and unless you are the luckiest guy/girl in the world. At one point of life, I thought that if I had enough desire for something I can get it, at any point in time! But I was completely wrong about it. A f*ck called, “Luck” always prevents you from getting the thing that’s not made for you! But that’s an entirely different topic.

However, to live the life you want, you need to Prioritize top 3-4 areas of your life and work hard towards that goal. Even when you know that you can’t achieve everything in life. Trust me, when you have just 3-4 goals to achieve in life, it seems much easy and clear to work towards that goal!

Remember: Achieving those 3-4 goals should make your life complete, as if, there’s nothing left to accomplish. Most importantly, you should not be left with any regrets!!!


4. Life is not about the NEGATIVE

It is the most important step required on your end. No one was ever able to have a positive life while staying with negative people. Throw away all the negative people in your life and just concentrate on what’s required to make your life as good as it can be.

Do not forget – Thinking about the things you don’t have or can’t afford comes under ‘Negative Thinking’ only.

If you would like to live the life you always wanted, just focus on what you have now and try to be happy as much as you can be.

There is nothing wrong with expressing interest in something you wish to buy in the future, but don’t be too obsessed with it.

With obsession, the only thing you can expect in return is – Sadness and Depression.

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5. Perfection is rare. So, Don’t try to be Mr./Miss. Perfect

No one is perfect in this world, and expecting perfection will just backfire.

You need to learn the way things work and don’t expect perfection in everything you or someone else does for you.

Find the right balance between good and the perfect. By being a Perfectionist, you will invite more Stress and Unhappiness.


6. Life is all about being “You” first

How to Live The Life You Want

No, we aren’t talking about being unique. By using the phrase being “You,” we mean to say that you need to do the things that make you happy first. Others shouldn’t be benefited much by your actions.

Since you want to live the life you want you to need to do whatever you feel like doing. After all, at the end of the day, it’s you who needs to be happy, not someone else.

Live the life for yourself. If you are living *MOST* of your life for someone else, you are sure to go through depression, anger, anxiety or destructive behaviors at some point.

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7. Life should be utilized to do what you like

What you want in life should be your ultimate goal. Your decisions might hurt the one sitting next, but it doesn’t matter much till it makes you happy.

It is necessary to live authentically, and you need to say ‘No’ sometimes, to grow yourself up. Never live on someone else’s word, you never know when they will change, and you will be the one who will be hurt.

Also, never shy away from saying ‘NO.’ Saying NO is also art and an essential part of life.

However, make sure that you analyze everything before coming up with the decision. Your ‘No’ shouldn’t turn into a lifetime regret.


8. Life is all about having “FUN.”

Don’t be so engaged with your work that you forget to have fun. A person who doesn’t enjoy his life is a big Failure. No matter, how much money he earns.

To create the life, you want to need to have fun with friends and family too. Having fun will help you to uplift your mood.

Have enough money to party hard every weekend and see how your life changes (Do not spend more than you can afford, a party to a limit).

You know what? Sometimes hanging out with friends is the best medicine that one can get.

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9. Life can turn ‘Impossible’ into ‘Possible.’

How to Live The Life You Want

When you feel like you can’t do something, try your best to prove yourself wrong. Life has an amusing way of working out, and you never know when it proves you wrong. Believe that you can and believe that it will happen. You might not know, but the probability of ‘happening’ is much higher than your expectation. Once you achieve it, try your hands on something else. Just think, if he/she can do it, why can’t you? You are no less than them. Right?


10. Your life has limited number of days

Don’t get me wrong, but no one knows the exact number of days left with us. This feeling will surely help you live the life you want. Just live as if it is the last day of your life.

Do everything that’s possible in a day’s time. You will be amazed at the results. Don’t waste your time in worries, frustrations, anger, and the grudge.

Live life to its fullest and love everyone. Make sure that you enjoy every moment of your life. The one you are living right now, the next and all the ones that are coming ahead.


Hope that this article gave enough insights on how to enjoy life to the fullest and live the life you want.

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