Sounds funny, but ask yourself, have you ever suffered before going to bed, when you’re finally alone, drawn under the bedclothes, and while you keep your eyes closed you imagine situations that once filled your time with the happiness?

Have you ever shed a tear along a particular song that just reminded you of someone, whom you already lost?

When you are going through some of the places where you used to be happy with a particular person, and now you’re alone, do you imagine your silhouettes embraced and happy as they used to?

And if at all you are looking for something related to his-her? Same eyes? Lips? View? things that remind you of him or her? And then you realize that it occurs just once, but who knows when?
Signs You Still Have Feelings For Your First LoveYou might convince yourself that you got over your first love, but there’s still a chance that she/he is there, and that you may not be aware of it.

It is normal that you miss the person with whom you’ve spent a lot of time and for whom you are linked with many memories, but it’s important to know when it’s enough.

However, this phase of regret can take a lot longer than you think. These are signs that you have not yet got over your ex!


1. When you hear your song, and you still get the shakes

“Seriously, dear radio why do you have to play that song just when I’m listening to?” When you hear your song, you revive all those lovely moments you spent together.


2. After a few drinks, you begin tearing

Signs You Still Have Feelings For Your First LoveSince you broke up, whenever you get a little time to relax, you drink some alcohol, and old love returns to your memory. Stop consuming alcohol until you become sure that it will not take you back in time.

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3. You are looking for strange reasons to stay in touch

But … once ran that commercial and he/she just liked it, he/she compared us, and it was hilarious… that’s our thing …” Yes, you still remember. Totally legitimate way to approach the story again, which causes an avalanche of thoughts to him/her. Repeat: Put down that phone.


4. Seek him/her

Signs You Still Have Feelings For Your First Love

You invariably seek for him/her in a not-so-subtle way in some places where you know he/she is hanging around. So what? It happened by chance to be where you play basketball on Saturdays! “Or,” Accidentally happened that I go to the gym where you go too!

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5. You do not remove his/her gifts from visible places

Everything that she/he gave you still occupies a central place in your room. We believe that he/she gave you wonderful things, which you do not need to throw away, but be sure to put them out of your sight, to prevent yourself from remembering all, when you look at it.


6. Stalking him/her on social networks

Signs You Still Have Feelings For Your First LoveWith the present technology, stalking is easier than ever. Daily checking of his/her Facebook profile, analyzing the comments and hours of studying the list of his friends and following his career on LinkedIn.

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7. Your knees still tremble when you meet him/her

You thought that sheet of your book was turned the long time ago, and then you meet him/her and if she/he also warmly says “hello” to you, after the separation occurs that trembling in your knees do not stop, and your heart starts beating fast.


8. Mutual friends

Signs You Still Have Feelings For Your First Love

You still keep in touch with your mutual friends. It often happens that couples have mutual friends, which sometimes can be a “double-edged sword.” You will often hear about those friends what is going on with your first love, but if you want to make peace with him/her, that’s the right way to find out everything you want.

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9. You still believe that you will be together

Do you still have hope that you will be together? Do you make yourself feel that you are meant for each other and he’s/she’s ideal for you? It is a sure sign that the first love that you were in is still is the most significant.


10. You call her/him when you need help

Signs You Still Have Feelings For Your First Love

Do you still call your first love when you need help? It is the strongest proof that you still love him/her and to that, you trust him/her more than others.

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