10 Things You Start Realizing From Your College Life

10 Things You Start Realizing From Your College Life

Have you ever thought about the fact that the very same moment you were, you began to learn!

You learned to walk and talk, you learned to think, and then you went to school placing all hope in the system which was built to make you “qualified” for life in the world of adults.

But, is this everything you can learn? Do you know what actually is the education? Many thinkers and philosophers, teachers and sages have left their ideas about education and what it is supposed to represent to the latter ages.

When you start going to college, you expect to gain higher education, and this will inevitably happen if you work hard enough, but apart from that, you will receive a much more valuable education – life skills.


Lifelong learning

Things You Start Realizing From Your College Life
Learning certainly should not be limited to education. The fact that we have completed the study does not mean that we can no longer be a student, in fact, we are all students in a large school called life!

Because life teaches us lessons that even the best college can not teach. You, as an individual, have to be always looking for new ways to develop and grow.

There’s always something you can learn, and that remains undiscovered.


Education expands our horizons

When we learn something, we understand its essence and nature. This is a natural process that leads us to the understanding and awareness of the existence.

As under the scrutiny of our perception of things, our attitudes become clearer and allow us that we see things and beings around us in their true light, while prejudices are disappearing and transforming into understanding.


Through learning, we discover new worlds

Things You Start Realizing From Your College Life

By reading we conquer a new world, we discover remote corners of our world, take part in adventures, becomes one with the characters, at the same time discover and define ourselves.

If you are an adventurer, at least in spirit, the book will inspire you to look for a spectacular adventure and step into the world.


The right education teaches us how, not what

Education does not need to provide us ready-made solutions, but to enable us to conclude ourselves.

The moment when we learned how to use our knowledge, we started to explore the world that surrounds us.

And remember, not the knowledge we have, but how we use it is credited for the success that we achieve.

The moment when to realize this in college, we transfer knowledge with the greatest ease.


Reality and expectation

Things You Start Realizing From Your College Life
Most students imagine college life as a comfortable life full of fun constant gatherings, dates, and all without parental supervision.

But the reality is different and this is what we become aware of when we go to college. We do realize that our study does not leave much free time, especially if we want to be a regular when it comes to classes and if we continually learn and perform student obligations.


I made a mistake in choosing the right college

End of high school is a major turning point in our life, and choosing the right college is one of the most difficult life decisions.

Choice does not refer only to what we study the next few years, but on a profession which we will deal with all our life. Did I choose the right college? During the studies, most students at least once meet with this thought sooner or later such a doubt arises in every other student when he is meeting with a higher and more significant problem.

You should not be surprised that you have sudden doubts regarding the selection of faculty which you are attending, even though at enrollment, were more than sure that this is exactly what you want. It’s okay to leave the phase reviewing of your own decision on the choice of colleges and the profession.


Independence is something that we supposed to try much earlier.

Things You Start Realizing From Your College Life
Going to study and separation from parents for many pose no problem, or so it seems. Each student is considered to be sufficiently mature and adult to take care of himself, but, since these are the first moments where there will be no one to clean up after us, to prepare our food, we realize that this independence should be trained long ago.


No bad influence, everyone has their own choice

Everyone is just like wanting to be. And for better or worse, everyone has the right to choose the person who will be throughout his life.

However, something that never taught in college is that no matter how is the other, the decision how am I is the only mine.


Competition is good; the comparison is not

Things You Start Realizing From Your College Life
When a student is able to meet a mathematical exercise, for example, for teachers it means that all other students are able to resolve because this student was able to do it.

The truth is that everyone has different abilities, and one is not exactly like the others. In the real world is not worth comparing. You can compete against yourself or even against each other to go further, but never compared.


Failures and mistakes are also good for learning

In college, if you do something wrong, nobody congratulates you because you had burned a possibility of failure for your next attempt, or something …

Simply, if you’d made a mistake, you put the wrong note and it was a great failure for the end of the year.

There just reward successes, and failures are punished with low grades.

In real-life, make a mistake or fail is an experience of which has much to learn. When you fail, you just know how not to do things, and you can try again with another opportunity to do well.

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