To those who are uninformed as well as for those who are not a big fan of Star Wars Jedi are guardians of peace in the ancient monastic organization in the world of Star Wars. They are known for the use of the Force, which manipulate objects around them, and by their light swords.

Did you wish to become a true Jedi after watching Star Wars movies? The following article will help you get it. You may not be able to fly around in space fighting, but there are parts of being a Jedi that you can adopt. To become Jedi, you must be astute and deeply committed because the life of Jedi is full of sacrifice. Here are some specific ways to become a Jedi:

how to become a jedi

Get to know the Code

There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge only. There is no passion; there is only serenity. There is no death; there is only the Force. Following the code, the life of the Jedi is rigidly adhering to self-discipline, responsibility, and the common good. Jedi is above the emotional and material goods.

They respect life, law, and order to which they belong as well as the relationship with the teacher. Jedi provides assistance and support and protect the poor, compassion means.


Discover the inner power

After memorizing the code, you can start training the Force powers that hide within. The way to externalize is believing that you can use. To hone your full potential abilities as a Jedi, you must be moral, ethical, and mentally stable.

how to become a jedi

Dress like a Jedi

For starters, wear a brown shirt or high collar sweater. Then, put a karate gi with a wide belt of brown leather. Put a black or brown bath robe that is not too expensive and it gets to the floor or your ankles, at least. Clothing should be the least expensive as possible. Go to a discount store to get it without spending much money.


Train to be a Jedi

Practice swordsmanship. Very soon you will have a relaxed mind will enable you to use the Force in your daily activities, such as moving a chair. You will also be able to put the chair afloat, move it wherever you want and then lower.

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Meditation is a slow, easy but sure process of inner growth and expansion of consciousness. It is a lightweight because it is real. Changes often occur deep inside us, where we cannot easily see ourselves. Because of the goals that would be achieved, it is inevitable on the way to becoming the Jedi.

The Jedi is focused on understanding and strengthening of ties or identification with the Force and use it as part of them. That connection is achieved through rigorous training and meditation until the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual harmony as part of inner peace.

Kit Fisto


Try to spend some quality time in reading some books. About religion, about life, about love… Anything that you like and that can clear your mind and your soul. Just read texts that are inspiring. Also, after reading, try to focus on the content to make the essence, to reflect upon the problem.

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Think positive

From one Jedi is expected to respect and uphold the code that incorporates concepts of rational thought, patience, and benefaction. Unpleasant emotions such as hatred, anger, fear, are considered destructive and can take you to the dark side, so they are forbidden for a Jedi.


Develop empathy

A true Jedi witch keeps with the given code, must always be ready to help with the others. Jedi provides assistance and support and protect the weak and compassion is understood. To connect with a person who feels sorrow, we have to connect with the place in us that knows sadness. If you succeed in this, then you will not have problems with your empathy.


Live a healthy life

Healthy life and healthy habits reflect the Jedi self-discipline, responsibility, and strong character. It’s important to keep physically and emotionally healthy so you can focus on your spiritual life.


The three pillars of the Jedi

Probably the most important on the way to becoming a Jedi is to master the three principles/three pillars – Force, Knowledge, and Self-discipline. This three principles must be etched in the daily lives of the Jedi. The first pillar is the force constant among all living things. Pillar of Knowledge explains that the role of the Jedi in the galaxy cannot be complete without intensive and accumulated wisdom.

In the end, the pillar of self-discipline. Exercises are fighting, and physical training can not start if it does not overcome the first two principles. Only after knowing itself may commence with a training fight.

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