11 Reason Why Dating An Indian Girl Is Your Biggest Mistake

11 Reason Why Dating An Indian Girl Is Your Biggest Mistake

Indian girls… what can I say about them… I guess words are not enough for them. Yes, it’s true that it is hard to understand girls, but when it comes to Indian girls, it is nearly impossible. I have been living in this country for almost 19 years, and the girl I see, or I dated was the worst experience of my life.

Indian girls don’t understand feelings, TRUST ME. You can understand a dog in 1 month, but you can’t understand an Indian women even in a million years. It is not like that they go after the money, but they go for popularity, they make fun of those who have true feelings towards them and have a relationship with those who have Swag. In short, I would call them Slacker.

Here are 11 Reason Why Dating An Indian Girl Is Your Biggest Mistake –

do not date an indian girl


Indian girls are usually unshaped; they don’t like to go to the gym. As a teenager, their primary focus is only on the study. Okay, let me ask you one question, Have you ever seen a skinny Indian lady over the age of 35? I haven’t seen except a few. Indian girls become unattractive after 30 years their body shape changes as they don’t exercise, and they never go to the gym. So why would someone date a girl who is unshaped? Surely, Indian men deserve better. At least us, the Gen Y and Gen Z.


Best Deceivers In The World

Deceivers are those people who lead you to believe something that is not true. They just can’t be trusted, and it’s my humble request for the person who is reading this article, never trust a typical Indian girl, as they always hide things and lie at every instant. They don’t even speak truth to their parents either. If you ask for the phone from girls aged from 18-23 in India, I bet you they will never show their phone. If a girl by chance hands her phone, then her WhatsApp will have app lock that’s for sure.


Reasons not to date an indian girl

Feelings….. What’s That ???  We Want Money.

It’s true; Indian girls always look for money,  now you might argue every girl in this world wants money. But if you go to Europe or South America the girls there respect true feelings of a person. But in India, this doesn’t happen they don’t respect the true feelings of a person, and they always fell in love with Slacker. Because every girl in Indian wants money as they need popularity.


Grasping (Greedy)

Yeah, it’s true that Indian girls are greedy in nature. If a guy can do shopping with her and give his time and lot of money than they will be in a relationship with that guy. Once the guy stops doing shopping with her and discontinues giving her time and money than they will find someone else to fulfil their needs. Please tell me if this is true love or love just based on money.

never date an indian girl

Each time a fight happens, only men have to pursue them.

Even if it’s not your mistake you still have to bow down in front of your girl because she’s a typical Indian, how unfair is that? No matter what happens, whether it is your fault or her’s, the victim will always be the same, and they are Men.


Always Have Suspecting Eye

Indian girls always have a suspect in a relationship. If you talk to one of the girls in the class, then your Indian girlfriend will ask you thousands of questions like “Why You Went After Her” And “Why Were You Smiling During Conversation”. It’s only these two questions I have written here but in reality, there is a rapid fire round of questions, which will ultimately result in an argument. 

They will check the guy’s Facebook Id and where he is messaging and how many girls are there in his Fb Id. They will also check his mobile contacts. There are so many weird things Indian girls do; I just can’t list all of them here.


For Indian Girls There Are Only Two Words Awwww And Hmmmm.

If you have ever dated an Indian girl then surely you have received these two words as a text message. This constant “awwwww” and “hmmm” is very annoying. Guys hate these two words Indian girls, please understand this.

why you should not date an indian girl

Expecting everything from the guy

Indian girls put a lot of expectation on the guy, but never even think of returning it. They expect the guy to bring them flowers, they expect the guy to message them first, they expect the guy to wish them GM/GN, they expect the guy to take them out for dinner and what not? What do the guys in return? Nothing… Absolutely nothing… Except for some text messages. (at least in most cases!)


Too controlling

She can control when, where and how you go somewhere, but you can never ever do the same to her. As soon as you try to, you will get a reply back, “You are too controlling, it’s my life, I will live the way I want.”

Ya, only you’ve got a LIFE. We guys, are some lifeless objects right? We love freedom as much as you do!

why you should never date an indian girl

Wants the guy to reveal everything

She wants to know everything about you, literally everything. But she will never reveal anything about her, no matter how much you ask. Just try forcing too much, and she will leave you faster than you can think.


Dependent on friends

They listen to their friends more than their boyfriend. No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, you will be thrown out if her friends don’t like you. She most probably won’t even let you clarify things. This is what her friends can do to you…

do not date an indian girl
Sometimes I feel respect for those guys who are in a relationship with typical Indian girls. Take a bow for these types they are seriously having the burden of mountains.

Lastly, Not every girl is the same, and there are exceptions everywhere. However, this applies to most of the Indian girls. And we won’t apologise for writing this.


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