Owning a car requires constant care and attention to extend their lifespan. But it’s even better if you can do many things by yourself without investing big money. Here are some amazing hacks for cars that will just sort your life out!

Car Hacks


Toilet plunger does wonder

Have you done a bun to the plate on your car? Before going to the body and paint shop and take reach into your pocket, use a toilet plunger in the particular area and get the body back to its original state. Of course, everything depends on the type and depth of the indentation, but, although they may be small irregularities in the sheet, the visual impact will be less, and above all, you will save a few dollars.


Shaving cream is not just the beard

To carefully clean and care your car upholstery you only need a bucket, brush, a bar of soap and some rags. For oil or grease stains, you can use a stain remover that you may have for clothing or even a little degreaser, but make sure that they are not too abrasive. If the stain persists, use shaving cream. Take a bit on the stain, wait a few minutes and rub then see how the stain disappears!


Vaseline for delayed corrosion of battery terminals

Prevents corrosion of the battery without having to go to the shop! Therefore, it is important to clean the battery terminals from time to time. You can do it at home, using water mixed with baking soda or distilled water, petroleum, a brush and a few rags. First, remove the negative cable and then the positive wire,  preventing touch or rub against other metal parts.

Spray the terminals with the liquid and let it act a few minutes. Clean the rest with the help of the brush, rinse and dry well with a cloth. Finally, put on Vaseline on the terminals, it will delay terminal corrosion, then resets the cables, first the positive and then the negative; and ready.  The more you take care of the battery it will last longer!


An organizer for car storage

Do you have children and you travel a lot by car? If the glove compartment and doors are not sufficient to dispose of all of the things you need, you can create your organizer from those wall pockets or sew alone of some fabric. Adjusts the size of the organizer to the size of the front seats of the vehicle, and tie it in the back with a rope or cable ties. It´s very straightforward! You will get more space in your car for water, chargers, maps, food, toys, etc.


Install a parking sensor for your car

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Do you have a vehicle with reduced visibility? Install a parking sensor with camera in your vehicle by yourself. The sensors are located in the front and rear bumpers, and these emit a signal to a device located inside the vehicle. From a small screen, you will see the distance that you meet an obstacle and an alarm warns you of the proximity of the same. You must have some knowledge about this and follow detailed directions if you want to install this system by yourself.


Create your car air freshener

Don´t waste your money on car air fresheners and make your air freshener, the effect will be the same! You can do this with herbal tea or fragrances created by yourself. To do this, put the material into a breathable aromatic tea bag or tea. Cover the container with a piece of cloth and close the package with a cloth tape or rope. Once finished, use another tape to hang on the rearview mirror.So easy and cheap!


Glossy car paint

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Would you like to restore the glossy paint of your car? Just wash it off by hand with water mixed with a mild hair conditioner, you will see how well it is! If you wash your car like this for every two weeks, you will preserve the paint longer.


Repair scratches as they become producing

You can use a repair kit (with a brush applicator paint and lacquer), a special marker (small scratches) or strips Stickerfix, a microfilm that adheres to the plate. You will find these products in stores and automotive workshops and service stations.


Remove the resin with alcohol

If you have been in the field and have left your car in the shade of a tree, it is possible that you will spot some traces of resin on your car. If so, do not try to remove it by scraping with any object, you better rub with a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol: only need a little patience if there are many spots, but in this way will disappear without a problem.


Super cleaner – Coca-Cola

After heavy rains, the glass on the car, and usually the windshield, are dirty with dust. Pour the glass with Coca-Cola, but be sure to protect the rest of the car with some towel or cloth. Soda from the Coca-Cola will remove all impurities and even the toughest ones. After that, rinse the glass with clean water. Coke can also help you in removing corrosion from the bumper of your car. Pour the Coke directly on the corroded part and then, with the sharp side of a kitchen sponge, rub the surface. (via)


Defrost the car lock with glycerine

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When in the car door locks enters moisture and freezes, it is often impossible to get into the car. Injection of glycerin in the all the locks after washing the car prevents the formation of ice and locking. To avoid the winter problem – that you can not get into your car because the locks froze, you should inject some glycerin, and the problem will be solved. On opening the locks, inject a few drops of glycerin, or apply it to the key, and then repeatedly insert and remove the ignition switch and keep locking and unlocking to make glycerin reach all parts of the mechanism.


Drink vodka- NO! Clean with vodka-!

Well, you can also drink vodka, but not while and before driving! When you run out of windscreen wiper liquids, make the following combination: mix in a bottle three glasses of vodka (the cheapest you can find), four cups of water and two tablespoons of dish liquid. Close the bottle, shake well and fill the container in which is the liquid for wipes.


Crystal cat litter will save freshness in the interior of the car

The best trick to eliminate bad smells. A bag of crystal cat litter opened and placed in the car, not only eliminates odors but also prevents fogging glasses overnight!