5 Signs That Suggests You Love What You DO

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It isn’t success that everyone is looking for, the truth is every person on this earth is looking for happiness. However, finding happiness ultimately means you are successful right? Yes, or maybe not. Defining success is almost impossible, as everyone has their definition.

In this world, it is even harder to find a job that gives you both money and happiness. Nearly 9 out of 10 people hate their job, and if you are one among the other group of people, you are successful. Here are few signs that suggest you are on the right job.

you do what you love

1. You are enthusiastic.

Be it morning 5 Am or Evening 7 Pm, if you are always keen for your work, you are definitely in love with your job. When you are in love with you work, you don’t feel that its duty, you instead feel like it’s your hobby.

Getting up in the morning is the toughest work, but your work will automatically wake you up, but only if you are in love with it. Of course, some days are damn annoying, and you don’t feel like working at all, but that feeling passes away as the day progresses.


2. You don’t look at the clock.

When you start working, you work tirelessly and without even looking at the clock. If this is the case, you can proudly say that you in love with what you do. You get into meetings, projects or anything that is going to help you achieve something without worrying about time. You won’t be minding, even if you are stuck at a meeting during your lunch time.


3. You feel accomplished.

Most of us work for a monthly salary, and you don’t even care if you did something cool or not, you would just like the money to flow into your bank account. However, when you are in love with your job, exactly the opposite happens to you.

You just don’t work for the salary, but work for your passion. You want to achieve something, and the end of each day, you feel like you have done something that will bring you close to you goal. In short, you feel accomplished every evening.


4. You enjoy your work.

Your job doesn’t seem like a burden to you, and you enjoy doing it. You feel like you are learning something while you enjoy yourself. You enjoy working as much as you enjoy living. Your head is clear at work, and you see opportunities everywhere. You feel like you are having the best life as you love what you do.


5. Your job seems like play to you.

It pretty much relates with point #4. If you love your work, you will find it more exciting than a game of COD (Call of Duty), Yes, I am not kidding here. When you’re in love with your work, you will find it more engaging than anything else. Your work might even seem like the world to you.