Relationships are hard, but the most frustrating thing is that they are confusing. Whether you are in your first relationship or your tenth, you will always be confused about one thing ― Is s/he my soulmate?

The answer can’t find the answer at the blink of an eye, but you can look for these signs that will help you to get a clear picture.


1. You cannot imagine a life without him/her.


Life without him/her would be nothing less than living in hell. S/he is your entire world. Your happiness, your sadness, and everything else related to them.

If s/he is going to hell, you will be happy to go with them. Not literally, though, it was just an example.

If this is the case, s/he is your better half and, therefore, qualify as your Soulmate.

Make sure you never let them go off your hands at any cost.


2. Your relationship is unbreakable

There are no flaws in your relationship. You both understand each other so well that almost no doubt will come in your way. Thus, making the relationship unbreakable at present.

Others might even be asking you stupid questions like – how are you both so close? However, they just envy you. Make sure no outsider can shatter your belief on your significant other.

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3. You understand each other

Of course, no one is perfect at first. However, with the time you both can comprehend each other and that too, perfectly. Both of you know each other’s true colors and are comfortable.

What more can you ask other than a partner who knows you more than yourself and still loves you unconditionally?

You always feel free to be yourself in front of your spouse, whether it’s good or bad.

Moreover, You will never be afraid to talk about anything and everything. It won’t even make you feel nervous or embarrassed.


4. You never think about someone else.

When you have found your soulmate, you don’t even feel like giving a glance to the hottest guy or girl near you.

Yes, it’s true, and you will know if you are really into a serious relationship. You never think if your relationship is a mistake, or if you could have a better relationship with that new girl you met yesterday.

Remember point #1, you can’t imagine a day without them, so how can you even think about a relationship with someone else.

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5. They made you a better person.

Whether you believe or not, if s/he is your soulmate, s/he would have changed something in you for good. They pushed you for better… they encouraged you to pursue your dreams.

They don’t only ignite the spark in you but also lend a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and few encouraging words when life gets hard.

If you can relate all these with your partner, s/he is your soulmate. 🙂