5 Things To Know If You Really Hate Your Job

5 Things To Know If You Really Hate Your Job

The twenties are the time when you land yourself to a job.

It will be your first so you might or might not like it completely. The salary you are receiving is too basic, or the way the team members handled you is too aggressive.

Since it’s your first, there are very high chances that you’ll hate it.

The way you thought your dream job would be, don’t match up to your reality.

If you are stuck at this phase of life, where you hate your job and have no idea where your life is heading, you need to know these seven things.


1. Desk jobs are the reality

Things To Know If You Really Hate Your Job
There is a hype about leaving the regular 9-5 job and doing something on the internet.

Sure, some people got lucky and were successful in doing so.

However, not everyone is the same, and there are more chances of failure than to be successful.

A regular 9-5 job will make sure that you earn decent throughout the year, without having to worry about the market fluctuations.

Lately, A large number of people started feeling that traveling is their Passion, and they are going to make millions per month just by traveling to the best places on earth. But, how many successful travel bloggers can you name? 1, 2 or 3?

There aren’t many people out there.

Out of 100, 99 or even all of them are going to fail in this attempt.

If you wish to be safe in your comfort zone, just stick to your regular 9-5 job.

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2. A bad Job can ruin your career.

Not at all! A job has got almost nothing to do with your career. It’s just a job, by the way, and as soon as you feel like it’s holding you back from something, resign from it.

It’s a job, not a marriage that you need to think on it hundreds of times before taking an important decision.

A bad job demotivates you, makes you feel aimless and sometimes hopeless too, However, as a matter of fact, a bad job teaches you a lot more in life than a good decent job would ever be able to.

If you wish to learn more in life, stick to the job you “hate.”


3. Fight for what you deserve

Things To Know If You Really Hate Your Job
If you feel exploited at work, fight for what you deserve. No one will come and stand with you to get you a salary hike.

Fight for what you deserve, doing so will also make you mentally strong and help you in other situations on life as well.

Don’t be scared with your present and run away.

Face it, learn to say no, learn to put your foot down and take what’s yours. It is the time when you learn professionalism, and if you can’t get what you want now, you probably want to be to do the same for your entire life.

So, go and ask what you deserve now, Right NOW!

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4. Don’t Be Average

Your job sucks, but that should not be an excuse to be average at work. Whatever you do, wherever you work, give your best to it.

Who knows? Someone might realize your potential later, which may lead you to a better position. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t quit your job, quit my all means. But all we wanted to say is, until you quit, make every moment count, give your best as long as you can.


5. “The Perfect Job” does not exist.

Everyone on this earth is looking for the perfect job, the perfect job where there is both fun and money.

However, the majority of them keep looking for it until they retire. Why? Because the so-called “Perfect Job,” doesn’t exist in this world.

Every job has its negatives and positives; you just need to balance it well.

Just get into something you love doing, and you’ll never have to work again.


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