5 Tips on Working and Earning While Traveling

5 Tips on Working and Earning While Traveling

 Are you studying abroad and quickly finding yourself running out of money? Think you can’t work in another country without special visas? Think again. You can earn money online by helping other people and students with jobs from anywhere in the world! Through websites like Upwork, EssayHelp, Stocksy, Chegg, and Justanswers you can help other students with essays and homework questions as well when it fits your schedule.



Selling your photos with Stocksy.com

Working and Earning While Traveling

If you’re more into art and have experience with photography stocksy.com is the job for you. This online company hires freelance photographers to increase their inventory. Stocksy.com houses a wide variety of stock photos on nearly every topic imaginable provided by people like you. Whether you excel at still life, portraits, candids or nature scenes, stocksy.com is looking for your help. This company is always searching for unique photographers to expand their inventory. Not only will stocksy.com advertise your photo on their website but you will also get paid for it. What’s better than that? This is an excellent opportunity if you’re traveling abroad. You are probably already taking hundreds if not thousands of photos of amazing landscapes, monuments, cultures and foods. Why not have those pictures go to work for you?


Freelancing with Upwork.com

If you’re looking for a new challenge to expand your resume and build, your skills try freelancing for upwork.com. Upwork.com is always looking for assistance with essay and article writing on a variety of topics. You can share your expertise and offer tips and tricks for others. These jobs can vary from individual assignments to long term positions depending on your availability. Money is funded by the employer ahead of time as well as detailed instructions on how to complete each task or assignment. Once the assignment is complete, the employer reviews it and, once approved, your payment is released. You can choose direct payment to a PayPal account or directly to your bank account through a secure network. Upwork is a simple and quick way to earn extra cash for something you as a student are already doing!

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Writing essays for EssayHelp.online

Working and Earning While Traveling

Are you an excellent writer? Have a lot of experience writing essays for school? Then check out essayhelp.online. Life is busy for students, and some have difficulty finding the time to complete their essays. That’s when they turn to essayhelp.online. Students are able to post the parameters of the essay they need to be completed as well as the timeline. You the writer can then choose which essays you are able to proficiently complete and the customer pays you for your work. This is the perfect job for any experienced student. You’re used to writing essays, why not get paid for it?


Teaching others with Chegg.com

Are you looking for something different to do? Have a lot of knowledge you’d like to share with others? As a tutor for chegg.com, you can help others with topics you are passionate about. The best part about this is you can tutor from anywhere in the world! Tutors on Chegg.com can earn up to $1000 per month working online at hours that fit your schedule and tutoring topics related to your field of study. After you select your best subjects, you are matched with students whose needs fit your expertise. Best yet, you can get paid weekly! It’s really a no-brainer!

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Sharing your knowledge at Justanswer.com

Working and Earning While Traveling

If you feel like you have an abundance of knowledge on topics that are not necessarily related to education justanswer.com is looking for your help. With more than 75 categories you’re certain to find your area of expertise. You simply provide answers to questions asked online. People can post their questions, whatever it may be, and they are guaranteed to receive an answer. You can work as many hours as you’d like, all you need is a computer and internet access. When traveling abroad, this certainly suits any busy schedule. If you’re an information junkie, this job is for you!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your travels. With these online money makers, you’re sure to have all the money you need to fund that weekend getaway to the coast or that hiking excursion you’ve been thinking about. With these five online companies, you can work when it fits your schedule, work as often as you’d like, help other students and work from anywhere in the world. Enjoy that trip, my friend; you may be able to afford to stay a little longer.

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