We all have gone through a stage where we love someone so much, but he or she didn’t reciprocate those feelings. It’s a painful feeling because no one wants to hear “I don’t love you” back.But you are crazy, no matter what they do whether they ignore you or reject you. You will still find a way to love them back because they are the world to you. But guys it’s important to understand that love is not a choice, and you can’t force someone to love you back.

Don’t worry we all have gone through this stage at some part of our life you are not the only one. I have also gone through this time, and now I can’t even get a text back, it’s funny for you but ask this thing to a one-sided lover around you.

Here are 5 Ways To Deal With Non-Acceptance From Your Loved One:


Life Is A Journey

How to deal with rejection You have to realise that if your loved one doesn’t like you back, then it’s not the end of the world. Life is very short to get stuck at one individual only. Guys this life is a journey, there are many ups and down. Don’t be sad if your loved one rejects you; it’s not your fault. Maybe, you will find someone better than them, just be optimistic and don’t worry as this life is a journey it’s a funny place to live.


You are not in love, but you are just INFATUATED

Yes, most of the time, the term “falling in love” that we hear or experience at first is actually known as infatuation. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher and you felt like you will end up marrying them? That’s the best example of infatuation. Infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something. You need to understand the difference between love and infatuation. Love happens when other takes care of you and infatuate happens when you are only who takes care.

One sided love is the best example of infatuation.

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You need to realise that he or she was not the on

She isn't the oneNow that’s really hard to realize that he or she is not the one, but it’s a harsh reality, and you need to get this thing into your head. Guys, you need to understand that love happens from both sides if you love someone and that individual does not love you back then it isn’t your fault. Maybe, your loved one had fallen in love with someone else, and it’s not their fault too.

Just tell me why will they love you back as they are already in love with someone else. And stop calling your crush cold or bitch because you never know the whole story so for god sake don’t ever judge anyone if they don’t love you back.


Don’t live in a world of fantasy

We all love fantasy because it gives us those things that we can’t get in reality. But, guys now it’s time to live in reality because ultimately you have to face the truth. So stop living in a world of imagination it only gives you pleasure for a short time. And try to find a new one because if your loved one is in your destiny, S/he will come back.

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Someone better is coming

dealing with love rejectionsDon’t be sad and don’t cry anymore because your tears are worth every penny. Always be optimistic and how beautiful is to think that you haven’t seen your best days yet.

Just remember someone better is coming sooner or later. All in all, you should never need to feel that you have to chase a certain person to be or to feel loved.

The right person will always love you and you don’t have to fight for his or her love. You are worthy, you are good enough, and yes you are lovable.

Please believe that you are going to find real love one day and in the meantime, love yourself first.

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