6 Things To Implement In Your Life Before You Turn 21

6 Things To Implement In Your Life Before You Turn 21

21 is a magical number for everyone, and it’s always special. You can finally marry the girl of your dreams, get a credit card, drink beer, play at Vegas or do whatever you want to.

However, there are some things that you need to implement in your life before you are 21, these things will help you in shaping your future. At 21, we often have many friends who have chosen the wrong path. We don’t want you to be like them. We are determined to make your life better, not hell.

Years from now, you will be far more embarrassed by how you handled an embarrassing and humiliating situation rather than the experience itself, so be true to yourself and your wants, be the bigger person, and hold your head high.


Here are 6 Things To Implement In Your Life Before You Are 21


Never lie to your parents for the sake of your loved one

teens Everyone has lied to their parent’s just to make their loved one happy. And to be honest, it’s completely okay to do it sometimes. But if you or your partner has made this a habit, you seriously need to put a check on it. You need to understand that lying to you parent’s doesn’t mean that you love your partner. Just imagine that your loved one is lying to his/her parent’s… Do you think that’s love? Well, that’s not. If s/he can lie to the people whom he/she lived for 19 years then how the hell can you trust him/her not to lie to you in future.


Say No to Alcohol and Drugs

guy smoking in cityYes, always say NO to alcohol and drugs. There will be some days when you will be in tension and your friends will offer you a cigarette, simply say, “NO”. The cigarette was never made to solve problems and never will.

If you are tensed about that “Something”, go and fight it, don’t be a coward trying to solve his/her problems in the mind itself with the help of drugs and Alcohol.

There will also be a time when your friends will simply force you to try it once, just resist those moments. No matter what I write here, the final call always depends on you.? YOU are the only one who can say NO to such bad influences; it’s your mental strength.


There is no shortcut

In our teenage, we all have dreamt of becoming a God one day and living a king sized life. But such shortcuts does not exist in reality. Stop living in a world of fantasy; everything looks super easy in dreams, but that’s why we call it a “dream” anyways. Face the reality! You have to take stair for your success; there are no elevators. Just ask yourself, “Am I working hard enough to achieve my dreams in the next X Years?”

You will get the honest answer right that instant. Your inner voice never lies.

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Make traveling your hobby


“Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.”

Always keep this quote in your mind. Travel as much as you can. You will learn so many new things. Every year, go to a place you’ve never been before. Travelling can teach you those things which books can never.


Overcome your fears

We all have fears in our life. Some have stage fear; some have low confidence, and some can’t communicate with unknown people.

Frankly telling you I was having the all the three fear listed here, but now I have conquered those fears. Before you turn 21 remember that you have to overcome your fears, it’s the battle in your mind, and you need to win this. Once you have achieved this, then no power in this world can stop you from being successful.

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Always be Optimistic and Never Say Anything Bad about your Future

dont say anything bad about your futureWords determine our future. It’s my humble request never say anything bad about your future. No matter what your situation is, don’t use your words to describe the situation but use them to change your future. You know what? The first place we lose the battle is our in mind so always be optimistic.

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