7 Signs You Are About to get FriendZoned

By Akshay

You like her. You both are great friends too. Everything is going great, except that she doesn’t know about your feelings. Moreover, you sometimes feel that she is just Friendzoning you.

Getting friend zoned from your crush is the worst thing that can happen. Sure, some best friends make up the best couple… but only *few* can make it happen.

There’s actually nothing much you can do about getting friend zoned, but you can at least make sincere efforts to get out of it, once you know that you are about to get friend zoned. But how to know? well, we have got it covered. Here are telltale signs that you are heading towards Friendzone.



1. You know about her crush

Signs You Are About to get FriendZoned

Okay, you like her, but she has got a crush on someone else. You are just a friend with whom she shares almost every bit of information. She keeps telling what her crush did today and what moments they had got to spend together. If this is the case, make the move before you are too late.


2. You are cute

Whenever you try to tell her about your feelings she simply laughs at it and tell you that you are cute. It implies that she is actually not serious about you and you have only got the importance of a friend and nothing more than that. If start to forget about flirting with her, it is a clear sign that you are being friend zoned.


3. You are her partner of bad times

Whenever she gets upset or have a fight with someone, she runs to you for confront. sure, you should be helping anyone during their hard time, but as soon as she gets out of it. You are forgotten, like a grain of sand in the desert. She hangouts with other friends and can even go on for few weeks without calling you up.


4. You are more than a friend, but less than boyfriend

Signs You Are About to get FriendZoned

You buy pretty gifts for her, take her out for dinner, protect her, pick and drop her home every day. Actually, You do almost everything that a boyfriend does, except getting intimate. However, she doesn’t even notice it! Her eyes don’t see you from the other angle.


5. She wants you to hook up

Instead of her getting hooked up to you, she wants you to get along with her BFF, her old school friend, her acquaintance or any other random girl you don’t give a sh*t about. She loves playing the role of a perfect matchmaker for you.


6. You see her in rough look

She doesn’t get ready before meeting you or you can even be at her home, and she will be up in her pair of old pajamas and a T-shirt. She has a mindset of taking you as a best friend. Moreover, even both of you are completely alone… she won’t make any move. (Neither will you) All these suggests that you are nothing more than a friend.



7. She doesn’t mind sharing embarrassing moments

Signs You Are About to get FriendZoned

Okay, a girl will almost never tell you about her embarrassing moments if she liked you. Embarrassing moments can be shared with friends and, therefore, she does so, thinking of you as a friend. She is totally okay being crazy when she is with you, with no pretense of being desirable in any way.