I know you would be wondering, “What? Benefits?” as seriously, a person who doesn’t believe in the concept of this “mental” institution or someone who has long been unhappily married wouldn’t be able to think of one good reason to get married. Kids? Well, that can happen without the wedlock as well, no? And when the earth is already too populated and polluted why would we want to bring another life to it just so it suffers the hard life, eh?

Why are you reading this article though? Do you want to ignite the inner wish of wanting to be married? Or do you want to be happy about your old marital status again? This article might help do both, so keep reading to know what good can come out of marriage.


You might have a lesser risk of heart attack.

Unexpected Benefits of Marriage

While you might feel like killing yourself, when your partner snores, but according to a new research marriage reduces the risk of a heart attack. The reason might be that you are happier and you can lessen your stress levels by talking to your better half and know very well that they are equally concerned about a situation. You don’t have to face the world all by yourself in the tough times and there is someone standing right next to you, to support you at all times. Married people thus have better lives financially and are healthier as they take care of each other.


They have a safe behavior.

Now, because of a family to take care of, knowing that you have a spouse at home to live for, you won’t indulge in risky behaviors like excessive drugs or rash driving. A study concluded that a person is less likely to indulge in dangerous pursuits once they are married and tend to stay at bay from an unhealthy lifestyle. They rather choose to be safe and happy as there are people who rely on them.

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Just like heart attack, you have less chance to have a stroke as well.

64% lower rate!! Yes, married men have this number of less chance to be having a stroke (well, I hope the same for women though but they deal with a lot of nuisance already, no?) But the unhappy crowd that exists doesn’t have this advantage anyway. It is still unexpected, right? Who knew that tying a knot won’t make you collapse out of the blue.

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You would recover from surgery faster!

Unexpected Benefits of Marriage

When you go under an invasive medical procedure, a loving spouse might be the reason why you would want to recover again emotionally and they would even take better care of you, in order to speed up the recovery. If you are happily married, it is three times more likely that you’d be living 15 years down the road. The willingness to be able to live a happy life with your spouse would make your health better, in comparison to being single.


You might not suffer from mental illness.

In short, it is easier to go crazy when you are single. Few psychiatrists published papers and showed how married people generally don’t suffer from severe depression and are less likely to develop other major recognized psychiatric disorder in comparison to the folks who have never been married or are divorced. The love you have for each other would be enough to keep you happy in the long run.

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You would have a better sleep.

Now, who doesn’t like cuddling before going to bed? I mean women generally do, right? There is some comfort in holding your partner’s hand when you are going to enter your dreamland. When you are happy in your marriage, you have more chances to be having a good night sleep (in spite of your man’s body hair or woman’s hair irritating you).

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You are going to live longer.

Unexpected Benefits of Marriage

All these aspects assure how you will have a long life and it’s lovely to have a long one when you love your partner and want to spend time with them. It might be an ordeal if you are unhappy though. Happiness is one reason why you want to live and one way how you can live longer is by being happy. Research has always shown that single people die younger than their married counterparts. Having a partner in middle and older age ensures that you won’t have a premature death.

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