Is friendship between a man and woman possible or is it just a myth, is the subject of another story. Many will only do the shake with their head in disbelief in the existence of a platonic relationship between persons of the opposite sex, and would argue that this is possible only in romantic TV sitcoms such as Sex and the City, where a woman’s best friend is the man who, of course, is gay.

However, it is possible that men and women maintain a platonic relationship. How? Simple, easy and even if both sides are sure that among them there is no physical attraction.

And what about when it occurs that your friend starts showing you that he has some different feelings for you, a lot stronger than friendship? We are representing you some ways to keep your friend deep in the friend zone:


Call him “my brother.”

Ways to Friend Zone a Guy Who Likes YouThis is a perfect way to show him that he is deep in the friend zone and that besides friends he can represent only your brother. If you show him that you consider him as your brother, he’ll know that you don’t find him sexy nor attractive. It will be great if he does not draw your attention that this is bothering him because it will mean that it has successfully got the message that you gave him.


Talk to him about the guys that you like

Speak to him about your problems with the other guys, how you feel and which doubts do you have. Or even better, seek his advice on what you should do so that you become more attractive to this guy, ask him for his “man’s opinion.” This procedure will surely make him comfortable placed and tucked in your friend zone.

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Tell him constantly how much important for you is this friendship between you two

Ways to Friend Zone a Guy Who Likes You

Many of them believe that their label of your best friend, love advisors and support in difficult situations, with time, will open the door to making them believe that in the future they will become something more than just a friend, so take care of it.

Always remind him of how much is important for you this friendship. From time to time, tell him that you are happy to have such a good friend, and he will know that this is the only way that you look at him and that the chances of becoming something more, are quite miserable.


Never dress up too much to meet with him

Well, this sounds a bit strange, because every girl likes to be dressed up well and that looks nice in every moment, but if you want to keep your perfect friendly relationship, you must not attract attention to yourself with your good looking. Do not hesitate to appear in the worst possible edition and look unattractive because it’ll help that your relationships remain purely friendly.

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No physical contact

Ways to Friend Zone a Guy Who Likes You

It is normal that sometimes friends give a hug to each other, kiss on the cheek and sometimes hold their hands in some happy moments. If you know that he feels for you, try to avoid this kind of physical contact.  If not, you will inflame his feelings, and perhaps he will take the opportunity to move prohibited border which would greatly undermine your good friendly relationship.


Tell him absolutely everything comes to your mind

Well it is likely that, as in the case of a large number of girls you would not be so talkative with someone you like, but with a friend who has to stay friend you can talk about whatever comes to your mind, even the most boring topics such as how long have you been looking for that silk stocking that you wanted. These things certainly would not share with someone you observe from the romantic side, right?

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You need to be sincere and specific

Ways to Friend Zone a Guy Who Likes You

Perhaps that boy does not pick up the signals very well, and you have to be much clearer, or perhaps he already understood, but he is so persistent, that is ready to fight because he hopes that you will finally pay any attention. In either situation, a powerful weapon is a sincerity. In everyday talk with him in person, WhatsApp or something that you publish in your Facebook you respond him with phrases like “thank you, friend” or “that’s why you are and always will be my best friend“, there will be no place for doubt that you are not interested in more than just friendship.

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