8 Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Have A Great Impact in Your Life

8 Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Have A Great Impact in Your Life

Sometimes even small things make a huge difference in our daily lives. This post specifically focuses on small lifestyle changes and hacks that can make a positive impact on you.

These small lifestyle changes and habits are sure to make a huge difference in your life too.

So, here we go with the listicle which will not only improve you but will even make sure that you follow some healthy habits.


1. Reply “Okay,” instead of “K.”

Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Have A Great Impact in Your Life
So, how many minutes were you able to save with that short “K” as a reply? Not even a single? Yeah, typing “okay,” instead of “k” takes almost the same amount of time. Even at the fastest typing speed, you won’t be able to save more than two not-so-nice seconds.

But, let me tell you something. You are losing a potential partner with this silly mistake. Did you know that? You didn’t! “K” does not sound good at all. It implies that you are politely asking them to leave the conversation.

Get it clear, “K” is not cool.

In fact, it’s insulting. The receiver feels a bit offended and will, therefore, start to avoid talking with you.

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2. Walk

Walk regularly, be it anytime and at any place. Walking around for a while clears your mind from all the messy sh*t of your life.

Walking is also a proven way to get rid of problems. If you got problems or worries in your head, just put on your walking shoes and go for a long walk.

While walking, think about the problem from different perspectives and try to find out the best possible way to tackle it.

That’s it! By the time you return, you will definitely have a solution in your mind.


3. Keep motivational items at your workplace.

Motivational quotes, images, and posters are a guaranteed way to increase your productivity. Those motivational items will keep reminding you of your goals and dreams, which in turn helps you to perform better at work. What else to say? Try it out yourself and make sure you give us (I mean, ME.) a fitting reply if it doesn’t work.

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4. Sleep away from your phone

Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Have A Great Impact in Your Life

Keeping your phone nearby while you doze off, disrupts your sleep.

Every cell phone discharges a blue light that emits wavelengths, which makes you think that the phone has got some new notifications.

This, in turn, makes you check it every time. It is therefore advisable to either switch off the cell phone or to keep it away from your reach for the entire night.

Hint: – Your cupboard or drawer will be the best place. 😉


5. Read food labels before purchasing

Reading food labels helps you to eliminate unhealthy items from your basket. It is, therefore, an excellent way to stop spending money on unwanted and unhealthy items.

As you start reading product labels, you will be more aware of the brand, the product, and the health benefits or negatives it carries. All this would ultimately result in smarter choices which save you a lot of money, which would have otherwise wasted in vain.

Moreover, the better products you buy, the healthier you would be.

Two benefits from a single action. 🙂

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6. Shut down/Delete all apps from your phone that distracts you.

Cell phones are the biggest distraction at Workplace. The constant notifications and updates of different apps, make us check it out every now-and-then. Moreover, most of the notifications are not even worth giving a glance. If you want to stay productive and distraction free in your work, uninstall all unnecessary apps right now.

Trust me, you won’t regret this choice, at least if you are serious about your job.


7. Sleep Without a Pillow

We were made to sleep on a flat surface, and then pillows came and ruined our body posture. Sleeping on a flat surface helps keep your body posture straight. Technically, it is not possible to sleep without a pillow, but you can at least lie down on your bed and sleep without it for a little while. If you have a habit of taking extra pillows, this is a must-do task for you.

Note:- Taking multiple pads can take a serious toll on your spine. It may lead you to long-term neck and back problems.


8. Keep plants at your work desk

Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Have A Great Impact in Your Life

The green color soothes your eyes. It not only provides you with an excellent working environment but also helps you feel fresh and awake.

If you spend too much time on computers, make sure you take breaks at a regular interval of 20 mins and focus on the plant.

It will help you to maintain your vision and also has a cooling effect on your mind.

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