Well, it is a popular belief that money can’t buy love and happiness, but isn’t it better to cry in a Porsche rather than on a bicycle? If you love travelling the world, of course you need money and yes, traveling would make you happy. Why do you even earn if you can’t find happiness with its help? True happiness does come from personal relationships and situations, but research also shows that people who have lower incomes are more vulnerable to depression. Here is how money can buy happiness:


You might not suffer from depression.

Money Can Buy Happiness

As earlier said, a 2012 study revealed that people with poverty had more health problems and depression as well. At least when people have enough saving to treat their problems, they might not stress a lot about it.


Education is affordable.

You want to get yourself the best of education, right? And the top universities have higher fee structure and it can’t be afforded by everyone. When you go to these universities, it is easier for you to get jobs and have better talent to earn good income. This would make you happy, right?

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You don’t have financial stress.

Be it taking a loan, or paying attention to expenditure so that you are able to pay all your bills, you might not have to stress a lot about it. Your mind is free of similar tensions and you could spend money experiencing something amazing in life, which might cost you a lot.


You can move on better.

ways money can buy happinessWhen you have a break up, you can easily pack your bags and go for travel, instead of hovering over the gigantic loss you feel in your life. There, you might even find someone new or experience something fresh. Thus, when we talk about stressful situations in life, they are easier dealt with when we got money.


You can easily spend money on others.

It always feels good to spend money on your loved ones as it is a way of showing you care. Nothing gives you more happiness than making others happy and yes, it is a materialistic world, and people do become happy when you buy gifts for them, right? Studies have also suggested that people generally feel happier when they spend money on others, rather than spending on themselves.

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You might never be lonely.

I am not giving you a guarantee that you would have a hot 23 year old wife when you are 60, ahem, but you have seen that happening, right? Jokes apart, studies have said that poverty leads to poor social connections as you tend to go out less and stay at the same place more. This would not help in meeting new people in everyday life and chances are, you might be the one who has no friends if you are poor.


Buy what you like.

ways money can buy you happinessNow, when we are broke, we tend to not buy things that we adore because of unaffordable prices and “oh this month I already bought that thing, so I need to wait for next month.” It’s sad, I know. But, when we have enough money, we can buy anything, whenever we want. But yeah, materialistic things only give happiness for a few moments. When you get what you want, you stop having gratitude for it in the long run and that’s how human is made, I guess.


Hanging out more often.

Unless you got stomach issues, you don’t need to stay at home and can go out to have a lovely meal at an amazing restaurant as many times as you want. For some people, that’s happiness. Dining out at nicest places and being able to afford business class tickets while traveling! You can meet new people, make new friends and have a great social life. Well, forget about making personal connections if you are snobbish but if you’re not, you might have a great life.

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