8 Ways to Make Your New Habits Stick Around Forever

8 Ways to Make Your New Habits Stick Around Forever

Most of us would like to be different than we are. Healthier, more disciplined. But our most determined efforts to change, too often fade away without any results.

What’s holding us back and hinders us to change are our habits?

The way of life is nothing but an expensive habit. True, they can lubricate the machine of our lives and help us to glide through life effortlessly and with considerable savings of time and energy.
break bad habits build good habits
Think about your everyday living. Probably consists of some repetitive habits and rituals. They help us to manage energy, time preview and thus our prosperity. We can say that they raise or reduce the quality of our life.

In this article, we will focus on the acquisition and consolidation of healthy habits that will help us to achieve the set goals. Each new habit can be learned consciously.

A goal without plan is just a wish

Small and specific objectives: The thrill of creating big goals is misleading since it is easier to stick with a good habit if raised through small goals. Needless to begin running 1 hour per day, but if started, for example, 15 minutes walking, running or cycling. The subconscious doesn´t like a radical change, so assimilating will be better if we do it gradually. After you achieve the goal, of course, you can go gradually increase.


Feel prepared. You need to make sure that you have everything necessary to ensure success in the effort. For example, if you want to start a training program that involves walking everyday, buy comfortable shoes and a pedometer (people who use a pedometer walk 27% more than non-users).

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Use the “trigger”, imagine a lightweight ritual that you perform before a particular habit. If you, for example, want to quit the habit of lying in bed every morning when the clock rings, try to force yourself to immediately jump out of bed. This simple ritual has proved to be useful in creating new habits because they adopt the brain quickly. A conditioned reflex provides us the automation and actions that accompany this ritual.

"I can't", written on a piece of paper

Positive thinking is the basis that helps us in the realization of all our habits. This provides an incentive to implement the necessary changes. When you let the mind have negative thoughts; you open the door to the failure. And contrary, When you learn how to replace negative thoughts with some positive, you have achieved the conditions for success.

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Give yourself a specific goal that you will be able to look after a number of days because so in front of you, you will always have an incentive to continue and not give up. For instance, if you want to quit smoking, have a first “station” after 30 days, when you will be able to notice the first results and to reward yourself with something.

The next, set for 90 days and then set a distinct second goal too, that you still do not smoke. Let the final goal, for example, be a year when you will be with a smile on your face, remembering the first few days of “torture.”

group of girl showing thumbs up
Prevent the decline of enthusiasm and motivation as they are crucial to your perseverance. If you just started with forming the habit of a particular behavior, it is quite possible that you are not good at it yet enough and that you will 100 times want to give up and give you an excuse for it, “because it simply does not go.

If something doesn´t succeed, simply giving up is not a solution: The solution is to change the way you do it and to keep your faith that you can do it. And that maintenance of faith and raising your morale can work with a simple “but” sentences.

So, if at some point you think, for example: “Going to the gym doesn´t suit me, I can´t find my way, I can´t even do the two exercises properly, I seem silly to myself ” you are only adding a counter position to the thought:

But if I insist, I will surely become better and just in a month will be easier for me. ” should be the right one to keep in mind.


Set up a model that will be an incentive to follow a particular pattern of behavior and avoid bad habits that you have. Depending on the goal and yourself, models can be for you, be people from your environment, but only, as long as they are a positive influence on you, and you have what to look up to and so become more persistent.

Girl making the L sign on forehead for loser message
Be aware of the consequences of giving up the habit you want to keep. Maybe they were serious consequences, perhaps psychological, but it certainly is an important negative consequence, and that you will feel like a “loser,” as someone who is not able to achieve what he wanted. Which is no doubt, a bad feeling, especially if that it is not the first time that gave up: So, let awareness of the consequences of giving up also be your motivator.

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