One of the most valuable aspects of personal development is shaping a good character. To achieve progress, both in professional and personal relationships one should be well-aware about how to carry themselves and how to behave. While, everyone’s character varies and you must be yourself, sometimes we need to tweak some of our bad behaviours. The way we interact with other people should be sensible enough so that we don’t hurt others sentiments and are able to understand their opinions as well. If you are wondering how here are few things you must start doing in order to shape up:


Decide your values

How to Shape Great Character You must have certain rules to abide in your life. I know that the new saying is, “break the rules” but that doesn’t mean you break your boundaries of responsibility. Know what you believe is right and stick with it. Don’t change your values if other people around you have different. Your values define you, for example, if you believe in honesty, you better not ever lie. This shapes up who you really are.


Know what “excellence” is for you

Do you call your work excellent if you have put in all your best efforts? Or do you have a high standard for excellence and do not feel that you achieved it till you have attained it? You must be well-aware what excellence means to you and work accordingly in order to strive for excellence in your life, whatever way it is.

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Take defined action

How to Shape Great Character

After you know your values, you will know how your actions and behaviour should be like. That is, what your inner-self says to you, you must act similarly with the outer world as well. If your thinking and actions match, you will always be in peace and will be able to stay true to yourself. Isn’t it the toughest thing to be these days?


Be disciplined

One of the main features of a strong character is discipline. If you have the ability to stay focused on whatever you need to do or want to do, that is going to define you. You should pay enough attention to the task you are at, and you must have the desire to get back to it at the time required. Discipline, dedication and desire are what will build a character.

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Family attachment

How to Shape Great Character

You should build strong relations with your family, and they must be your priority over anything else. They are the ones who will never let you be alone and who are emotionally inclined to you forever. Money may buy you a lot of adventures and trips of the world, but the people you meet might not be connected to you more than your own family. A man with great character knows how to keep a family tight and how to express love to everyone.



Now, it isn’t just about food cravings and being in good shape, although it is, but the world is filled with negative influences, and a man needs to have self-control not to go in that direction. Self-control is one way to make yourself work dedicatedly towards your goal and not let your mind wander to other things in life. It will not only keep your integrity but also build your self-esteem.

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Social values

How to Shape Great Character

Our character can be dramatically altered when we face tough situations in life, for example, a death of a loved one or if someone betrays you, as these can make you feel bitter about how life works, but one should understand that all is a part of everyone’s life, and it does not mean that everyone around you is cruel or that you need to be socially detached from them. It also does not mean that you stop taking life as a gift. You must still show love to your friends and be decent enough with people who you meet in everyday life.


Examine your Past and Decide to change

To start over, you must examine how you acted in your past, although, try not to delve into it. But being aware of the actions and decisions you made, you will realise what all you could change about yourself in the future. Believe in yourself and know that you are going to act differently from now on. It is never too late to be a different person with more sensibility.

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