9 Crazy Hacks To Stay Focused At Work

By Akshay

Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, focusing on your work is an essential task. You’ll end up with very little chances of being successful if you aren’t able to drive all your focus into the work that is important at the present moment. We did a thorough search on the internet and found some great temporary fixes that help you to focus better, and to get your work done in time.


1. Take Breaks


Taking a break might seem like an additional “time-waster” to you. However, it is exactly the opposite of what you think. No matter how mentally strong you think you are, your brain will ultimately feel exhausted if you work for longer hours. Taking short breaks of 5-10 minutes is a good way to re-energize your brain when you have worked continuously for 50-55 minutes.

Never feel like you are wasting your 5 minutes by taking a small break. The truth is, you are actually wasting another hour if you don’t take a break on time. Your break should be something that isn’t related with your work, even in the slightest manner.

If you are a programmer taking a short break, It is important that you don’t land up on a random programming site. If you do so, your brain will not be able to understand the difference. Therefore, it is recommended that you get up and leave the work desk for few minutes. You can spend some time in the other room, or do something that makes your soul happy.


2. Work during your “Best Time.”


There is a “best working time” for everyone. This is the time when you are the most productive and can take up any task. Try to utilize this time for the maximum benefit. Your Best Time should actually be used for taking up larger and harder projects. The smaller and easy one can be taken up and completed at any time of the day, however, it is almost like impossible for you to take larger projects during other hours.


3. Get motivated daily.


People complain that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing and, therefore, it is recommended that you get yourself motivated daily. Start your day with motivational quotes, articles, videos, or books, to see an immediate change in your productivity level. It is guaranteed that you will be at least 1.5x more productive than before. If this doesn’t happen, you probably didn’t try hard enough.


4. Limit your time.


Challenge yourself by setting time limits on every task.  Limiting your time doesn’t mean that you need to complete your work in a hurry. Instead, try to set time limits in such a way that you can work at the optimum. It will even prevent you from getting distracted, as you constantly feel like you are being chased down. Set a countdown timer and challenge the clock right away! This trick would work perfectly for most people, however, it might not work well for some. Try it yourself and decide if this hack really works for you not.


5. Be open to changes.


Don’t stick to one thing. If you are sitting at a place where you seem to become unproductive, don’t hesitate from making a change. Change the room, or simply head over to different corners. Sometimes, even the slightest change at your workplace can lead to great results.

Make sure that you are free from all distractions at your workplace. Your desk should be uncluttered, elegant and simple. Don’t go for too much comfort, or you will find it hard to do your work. TV’s are an absolute NO-NO for your workplace.


6. Use different computers for work and play.


If you are using a single laptop for both works and play, consider buying a new one. The new PC should either be used especially for work or for play. Work Hard, Play Harder. But make sure that your play does not interfere with your work. When you have lots of options on your PC, other than working, you are definitely going to be distracted. You will feel like checking out that cute video for just 5 mins. You will promise yourself that you aren’t going to spend more time on it, however, the promises don’t really work. You might even waste an entire day, by pushing your work over to the next hour. Trust me, this happens with everyone. I have been there and done that, so take this advice seriously.


7. Turn off the internet.



The Internet is the biggest distraction at the workplace. If you are serious about your work, make sure that you turn off the internet before getting started. It won’t be much of an issue if your work hasn’t got anything to do with the internet. If you happen to be the latter, at least block the sites which aren’t serving you anything helpful.


8. Focus on one thing at a time.


You might consider yourself as the King or Queen of multitasking. However, multitasking isn’t really helping you. If you try to complete more than 2 tasks a time, you will definitely be so much distracted that you end up completing none. If you want to know about how multitasking is killing your productivity, you can head over to Expertrain.com’s Article and read about it.


9. Make use of your phone’s “Airplane Mode”.


Don’t limit the use of your phone’s “Airplane mode” to airplanes only. Flight mode can also be used to keep you away from distractions. As soon as you put your phone on Flight mode, you will be free from all useless push notifications, SMS’es, WhatsApp messages and facebook notifications. All these aren’t productive and, therefore, you should turn them off without guilt. You probably don’t want conversations while you’re on something. All that can be done later.