9 Reasons To Travel Before Taking Any Life Decision

9 Reasons To Travel Before Taking Any Life Decision

You’ve been planning to travel the world for a few months but do not dare to step out? Take it easy; we know from experience that it is not an easy decision. It is not easy to do something that is not what we are supposed to do.

It is necessary to take a different course, drop everything and change of scenery for a while. Why? Because that’s what our body wants.

There are few other reasons you should make a long trip at least once in a while.

Here are nine reasons that will encourage to travel to live; which is undoubtedly one of the best experiences of your life.


Lose the fear

girl in oceanFears are normal. What will happen to me if…

Traveling the world will help you lose fear and uncertainty. You learn to live with it because it will become part of your day to day life and over time you will forget what ‘fear’ means.


Break the routine

We spend most of our lives working, from home to work and from work to home, always living the same movie and the movie sometimes can be incredibly annoying.

You’re not a hamster; who is to be caged. You can pick and choose.  We know that the decision is not easy, it may be several years, it involves saving, but if you want to break the routine, do not hesitate, traveling the world is one of the complete experiences that exists to achieve.

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Be free

sunsetWhen you work and live in a fixed place, you have obligations, schedules, and rules that form your routine.

Traveling can be close to achieving what we call freedom.

When you decide how, when and where you want to be. When to lose track of time, when you untie the social norms imposed, that’s when you take charge of your life.

When you feel real freedom, you produce such pleasure and satisfaction that everything else seems pale.


Learning to live with less

What fits in your backpack is everything that you have. Before putting something, you carefully evaluate what you need, because you are putting in weight.

We live in a capitalist society, where the goal is to produce and produce for profit, but for this, we depend on a consumer market. That’s how deceived we spend our lives. We work to buy things we think we need to be happier.

But the truth is, we don’t. Spending money on traveling will make you happier than spending your cash on things.

Travelling will help you understand that things don’t necessarily make you happy.

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Open your mind

walking in forestWhy do we travel? One of the trends of the human being is exploration; we are born with the impulse that leads us to explore, to discover new things with our senses, to know the unknown.

Some people are happy and satisfied to be where they are, but for others that curiosity leads them to unknown places, unknown cultures, and strange realities.

When you open your mind, you can understand and respect other’s viewpoints, learn different ways of doing things and understanding life.

You have the ability to see that there is a wider range of possibilities.

Traveling makes you more empathetic and enriches you in every way.


Unlearn what you already learned

When you travel, your mind opens to new knowledge. You live new experiences. You discover new ways of doing, thinking and feeling. All that often collides with the way you see things and understand the world.

Travelling makes you rethink, questions you, and lets you evaluate the things you take for granted.

You become conformist because you have more arguments, more knowledge to justify things that do not have to be.

Questioning the established is good. It is the first step to growing, to enrich and ultimately to not stagnate in the past and evolve at the same pace that the world evolves.

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Grow as a person

grow as a personBy traveling, you realize that we are all humans regardless of where in the world we were born. You get to have that real contact with people and not just an abstract idea that increases your awareness, especially inequalities that exist in the world.

You become more generous, more tolerant, more respectful and learn to relativize many problems that sometimes are less than what we think.

As you go through all kinds of situations and have nothing to choose, but to adapt, you become more flexible. You learn to adapt.

You are the one who makes the decisions, you get to take responsibility for the consequences, but most of all, you learn from your mistakes. Without even realizing, you’re doing your masters from the best university in the world. The school called ‘Life.’


Get to know yourself

When you take a trip. You not only transfer yourself from one point to the other point on the globe.

You get into a contact with people from different cultures, also make an inward journey and get in contact with the essence of self.

One of the best personal experiences you have, when you travel, is, you have the opportunity to see and feel who you are away from that environment that created you.

When you have time to talk only to yourself, then you are on the trip to get to know yourself. One of the keys to be happy is to lead a life contentment about who you are.

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Meet new people

meet new peopleWhen you travel, you are entering a new dimension to which you are exposed and open to all. A beach, a bus, a bar, a hostel, a shop… Anywhere and anytime is good to meet amazing people like you, who share the same passion, traveling.

Another good way to make new friends is through couch surfing platform, the internet with which you will meet amazing people.

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