A Girl From Russia

A Girl From Russia

This article is for that girl whom I have never seen, never touched and never kissed but I still share a bond with her that is even stronger than the diamond.

It all started on 9th august, 2015 on a Language Exchange app known as “Hello Talk”. At the start of this, I never realized one day I will get attach to this girl by chat only. They say love is blind and this love is a prime example of that. Our relationship took a leapfrog in the first chat only.

A Girl From Russia

We started chatting on Hello Talk soon our chats got endless, chats got converted into voice calls & voice calls got converted into video calls. She was so beautiful I think she always gives the sun a reason to shine. It seems like God has taken some time to create her as she looks so freaking adorable. Her eyes were so Irresistible. She was not the 8th wonder, but, For Me, she was the first and last wonder for me. I feel kicking those guys who can bring tears in those eyes.

We chatted day and night. She was working in a Cafe & she was from a city known as “Novosibirsk”.

I still remember her beautiful voice that she used to send me as a voice message. She was truly amazing and one day she told me that she is going to Moscow next week. I was very sad that day because I won’t be able to chat with her. Our relationship was going from strength to strength and it was getting stellar. Beautiful is the synonym for her.

A Girl From Russia

And how can I forget the color of your eyes when the sunlight reflects making the most beautiful shade of brown ever.

But on 29th August 2015 on a cold winter night, she suddenly messaged me that we couldn’t talk anymore. I asked her for a valid reason but I didn’t get. And then after few, minutes, she blocked me on WhatsApp and then later on Viber. The day was getting worse from bad. I cried and my eyes were turned red as somebody has put salt in them. My whole world was upside down & I was fighting with my heart that what’ve I have done wrong that I’m getting this. I’m that person who gets emotionally attached to the person easily so it’s very difficult for me to erase someone from the heart. But after one month after some sleepless night, I finally decided to move on as I had no option left.

They say if you truly love someone they got a way to come back in your life. And it’s true trust me.

A Girl From Russia

In 2017, I was just scrolling newsfeed on Facebook and suddenly I saw her Fb id in “People you may know” column. I was so surprised because we don’t have any mutual friend between us. Immediately I send her message on Facebook and then I waited for 1 week but got no message. After 1 month on a sunny day I got a message from her and now we are building the home of friendship again which was previously turned into ashes by the storm. But this time our foundation looks solid so no matter how many storms, tornados or even typhoon come, this friendship will not be broken.

I just want to tell everyone who is reading this post that Russian girls are astonishing. Believe me. The one thing I love about Russian girls they don’t judge anyone like how they look black or white, they just see person’s heart that’s it. A Russian girl will be your best friend, your best counsellor and will solve all your problems. And if you are lucky enough to find a Russian girl on this beautiful earth than never leave lose them.

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