18th Feb 2007: It was eventide,  As I was walking in a beautiful park wearing an Arsenal tee. A cool breeze tickled my eyes. I was enjoying the alluring nature, and serene peace was all around me. And I crossed paths with a beautiful girl. Being modest I just had a look at the girl and afraid of having an eye contact I started staring in the opposite direction. To my surprise, The girl came to me and said, “Do you love Arsenal”?!

“Yeah,” said I with a baffled face.

A Gloomy Goodbye

But during this little conversation, as our eyes met, I could see the spark that ignited between us. A magic that was clearly noticed. I was in awe with her hazel eyes, brown hair and her broad daylight smile could easily enlighten a broken soul. Later on, she told me how Arsene Wenger technique isn’t working anymore. I got dazed. The irony is Arsenal tee which I worn was of my brother and then I started pretending that I loved Arsenal.



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“After all, it’s hard to find a cute girl who loves football” as I convinced my fluttering heart. Her name was “Cecilia.” I had a natural connection with her, and it felt like she was the missing piece of my puzzle. Cecilia was hungry so was I, we went to the nearby kiosk, and we both screamed “One Chicken tikka” coincidently. It was the special moment as we shared the same kind of interest in food. We ended our first meeting by exchanging our phone numbers.

A Gloomy Goodbye

It took three years to become a lover from a total stranger. I was surprised what an arsenal tee chicken tikka could do. We traveled the world together and her hand perfectly en-twined mine. Nearly every night we talk about stars, politics, people, and life. I was ecstatic. She was red in my colorless world. The world seemed a better place when we used to spend time with each other. And now, we are in a strongly bonded relationship. I found solace in Cecilia. I loved the child in her; We did all the cute stuff video calls, random selfies and even watching the spooky horror movies together.



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To add icing on the cake, our parent’s also said yes to our marriage. We both were happy, and I dreamt of oceans after this.

18th Feb 2010: After three years we decided to go to the park where it all started. There was something special about this place. We went to the ride. Cecilia told me, “I will not share chicken tikka this time,” said blushing.

“Okay,” said I giggling

Cecilia went to the shop, but on her way back she got hit by the tipper. My heart dropped as I tried to scream, but my throat got choked. I picked up her body and drove the car like a Ferrari to the hospital. I could feel the sting of tears in my eyes, but nothing could stop them from coming out. I informed Cecilia parent’s about the accident.

After 3 hours of agony finally, the doctor came out of the ICU and told us that operation was successful, but her condition was still very critical. I insisted my parent’s that I want to stay in ICU with Cecilia, to which they agreed. I was sitting on a stool next to her, and suddenly I dozed off.



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In my dream, Cecilia came running towards me with chicken tikka in her hand. She told me this is the last chicken tikka we are sharing together. Cecilia hugged me and said “Goodbye.” I waked up and the first thing I saw Cecilia was no more on the bed. My heart dropped again like what has happened? Where is she?

I went outside the ICU and saw her parent’s crying. Cecilia’s was no more, and she was a lifeless body. She left me the very day we met, 18 Feb saying goodbye in my dream It was like an end for me. The girl I loved for three years was no more, and she left my life in disarray.

The Bible describes seven different types of hell. The eight must be the love which we are not able to marry.

18th Feb 2017: The Same day after ten years I went back to the same hospital this time with my Wife. My wife has given birth to our Daughter, and she was born at 11:11 precisely. She looked so sweet and innocent. My Wife asked me what should we name her?

Cecilia, I replied.

You, a circle.
I, a tangent.
We were destined to meet only once.

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