A Heart-Touching Letter To My Mum

A Heart-Touching Letter To My Mum

Heart-Touching Letter To My Mum
Mum is the sweetest 3 letter word of this world. I guess words are not enough to describe the beauty of Mum. But I will try my best to describe her ultimate beauty.

I lived in her womb for 9 months she cried when I entered this world. And she even beared the pain when I entered this world. That pain was unbearable but she did bear that pain all because of me. As I was growing I annoyed her with my activities but even when I was annoying her, she was happy. She is the superwoman for me, one who has an abundance of love in one piece and that piece is the heart.

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At 4, I started going to school. I cried at that time because I don’t want to live without her at school. But she taught me lessons that have helped me to become a kind person. She was my mother, teacher, friend and my Goddess even at the age of 4.

Sometimes I think she is the only person in this world who works without expecting anything. Our wishes are endless and she tried to complete those wishes even if those wishes gives her pain. As I was growing older she was also getting older too and as the time flew by I was understanding more about her.

My schooling was over now. I have to go to the new city for degrees. New place, new atmosphere and new friends at first it was all fantasy. And that fantasy was a cruel one for me. But as time passes only one thing remain constant and that thing was Mother’s love.

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In college, I have realised how savage this world is. Most of the young guy’s seek love from their partner instead of appreciating the love which they already have. Dear mum, I’m not like those guys, I put you first in every situation, I do seek love from someone else but I appreciate your love that is like an infinity which will never end. In the hostel, when I’m in bad mood she even recognises my mood with just a “Hello” on the call.

In winter if she is feeling colder it means I have to wear 2 sweaters. If I’m in tension for some reason than she will also be in tension. She understands me more than anyone else in this world. She helps me in every situation sometimes her advice is better than the experts. And to see tears in my mother’s eyes is like walking barefoot over the fire.

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In the hostel, I have realised the importance of the food which my mother use to give me when I was at home. When I am sick her love pours towards me like a Waterfall. I can almost feel a pain in her heart when I am sick and that pain I can’t explain here. People say God exist and when I look towards my mum this term is freaking true. My mum is little bit fatty but she does all of her works with perfection.

During school time I normally don’t take her to school; Because she was the little bit fat so I thought that my friends would make fun of her. And I was afraid of that embarrassment. Now I live in guilt that how I can be so much brutal to her.

Now I’m fully grown up and the mistake that I committed during Childhood times I don’t want to commit now. Now I take her to shopping. And I help her in every matter that I can and give her gifts. I hope someone who is reading this will give some surprise gift to his or her mum this Christmas. Give it a try!

Dear mum, You are my everything, my desire and my first and last love. I can’t imagine my life without you.

Your’s Forever.


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