First thing first: our mind trusts in what we tell it. If you keep having negative thoughts about yourself, you will believe you are a big bad wolf. Self-love is not selfish. You have to learn to love yourself first in order to love someone else. Or to generally have a happy life. And no, it is never easy. It will take time to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. But that is where self-love affirmations step in! Affirmations are personal declarations that can help you turn negative thinking into positive. They encourage confidence, love, and self-esteem. Thus, you should repeat it daily while looking at the mirror or write it down.

Below, see a collection of 85 affirmations for self-love and find what resonates with you. Practice them each morning or before bedtime. And you will note a change in your mindset over time.

85 Affirmations For Self Love

The path toward self-love has a few steps. You have to learn to forgive yourself, embrace yourself the way you are, and treasure your body.

Compassion Self Love Affirmations – How To Forgive Yourself

1. I am human – we all mess up sometimes.

2. At least I tried, so there is no what if.

3. I gave my best, and there was nothing else left to do.

4.  admit I failed, but my failure does not portray me.

5. I learned from my mistakes, and I am wiser now.

6. My goal was always to grow, not to be perfect.

7. I do not deserve to be so hard on myself.

8. It is time to let it go and move forward.

9. I free myself from the poundage of my remorses.

10. I do not need to stay the same person I was before.

11. I withdraw permission to punish myself for my missteps.

12. It’s never too late, and I am never too old to change.

13. I will try it again.

14. I am a phoenix, or resilient.

15. Success is only possible if I try again.

16. I devote myself to getting out of my mindset and stepping into the world.

17. I praise my life’s path.

18. I deserve to be loved.

19. I love who I am today, but I value who I was yesterday too.

20. I am ready to defend myself.

21. It is okay not to be okay – I am still strong.

22. I love myself unconditionally. That does not make me selfish.

23. My mistakes do not make me a bad person. They make me human.

24. Feelings are there to be felt – I will not suppress them.

25. It is okay to forgive others if that brings me inner peace.

26. I am allowed to say no.

27. I am a good person.

28. Fear and regrets are enemies – I will not let them hold me back.

29. It is okay to let go of those who hurt me.

30. I live for myself, not for others – thus, only my opinion is valid.

31. I had to choose someone, and I have chosen me.

32. I might not be able to change the whole world. But I can change myself.

33. I put my boundaries, but I respect the boundaries of others too.

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Self-Embrace Affirmations – How To Accept Yourself

34. I am not perfect, no one is, but I do my best.

35. All humans are works in progress – I learn every day.

36. I have both strengths and flaws – we all do.

37. I accept myself the way I am.

38. I deserve happiness.

39. I am enough.

40. I will treat myself with the kindness I would treat my best friend.

41. I am not ideal, but I am the perfect version of myself.

42. I am proud of how far I have come.

43. I do now own apologize to anyone for being me.

44. I am happy to be alive.

45. I used to pray for the things I have today.

46. It is fine to ask for help.

47. I will let my self-hate melt away like snow.

48. I know I cannot do all, but I am happy about what I can do.

49. Bring it on life – I can fight it!

50. I deserve a good partner, for I have a lot to offer.

51. The most important relationship I have is the one with myself.

52. I am where I need to be.

53. I can’t just please others – my needs matter too.

54. If I am going to follow anything, that will be my heart.

55. Chaos might be around me, but peace lives inside me.

56. I woke up this morning loving myself a bit more than I did yesterday.

57. No one can tell me what I cannot do – I am capable of all.

58. I am keep growing every day.

59. My life is not perfect, but it is still a good life.

60. I am the best piece of art I have ever made.

61. The only love that does not have to be earned but given is the love for myself.

62. I will not ask anyone for permission apart from myself.

63. I am the healer of myself.

64. My love is fearless – both for others and myself.

Body Praising Self Love Affirmations – How To Treasure Your Body

65. Every human being is beautiful.

66. The shape of my body does not determine who I am.

67. Weight is a digit – who I am is way more than just a number.

68. My body is my temple.

69. I am alive thanks to my body’s well-being.

70. I am at peace with the way I look.

71. I am healthy, and for that I am thankful.

72. My confidence makes me attractive.

73. I am beautiful and handsome.

74. I am in love with my energy.

75. My body deserves as much love as my mind does.

76. My over-size clothes are the same chick as any other.

77. I am done with feeling shame about my look.

78. I am unique, and I look as I am supposed to.

79. Some people are adding silicones to where I have a bit more.

80. My eyes sparkle and my smile are what makes me beautiful.

81. My body is good-looking, my brain is hot.

82. Someone will fall in love with all that I am – not the parts of me.

83. Food is not a friend or enemy. It has no power over me, and I choose how much of it I take.

84. Life does not start 5 or 15 pounds from now – it is already happening.

85. I am dating – I have a caring relationship with my body.