Who is Allison Graham? The name is synonymous with business, entrepreneurship, strategic development and mindset coaching. She overcame personal challenges and obstacles with sheer perseverance to succeed as a US business coach. Through observing, analyzing and distilling her daily experiences in life and business management, she has helped others to succeed in fulfilling their potential.

The message she sends is that despite illness, tragedy and professional setbacks, regular people can overcome challenges to become phenomenally successful–beyond their expectations. Too many folks give up, thinking they lack the capacity or physical strength to make real progress when they all quietly possess a genuine life-story and innate abilities. Some stories are so unbelievably painful that they drain a person’s ability to think positively and scale the insurmountable wall to achieve their personal best.

Allison Graham slowly developed her tolerance and strength although she initially presented as someone besieged with chaos. Life has thrown immense sorrow and hardship at Ms. Graham. She conquered multiple health issues but associated adversity with diligence, hard work, and a smile. Due to her driven work ethic, events management experience, and life skills in business, she became an internationally renowned motivational speaker and owner of a consulting company.

Allison Graham


Strategic Life Development

As an author, business coach and motivational speaker she’s drawn upon painful experiences in life and business to inspire people all over the world–to keep going and rehabilitate using workable solutions. Over a period of a decade and following eight major surgeries, Allison was left in chronic neurological pain, and attended hundreds of doctors’ appointments. It was a shattering moment when Allison was advised to accept her debilitating fate with the devastating label of being ‘disabled.’ She was expected to scale-down her plans since she was perceived as lacking the capacity to live a normal, full life. Or so the experts thought!

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Allison Graham

Resilience & Patience is the Cornerstone

Allison is a celebrated hero because she developed resilience in the face of challenges while becoming immune to their effects. Just like a Hollywood superhero, she successfully vanquished her rivals and morphed into a ‘Resiliency Ninja’ along the way. Instead of adopting a victim mentality, she worked hard at beating negativity, being inclusive of family, and not dwelling on ill health or personal losses.

At this low point, she made a conscious decision or a breakthrough in thinking. She decided to improve her circumstances and endure a little pain for a better future. Not allowing obstacles to define her outcome, Allison started making positive affirmations and constructive changes to her daily routine. Her pretty smile sparkled when she simply embraced life–the good days, the bad, the grief, the loss, and adversity. According to Allison, a person can still have joy while facing challenges.

Allison discovered a dynamic title when she proudly identified as a ‘Resiliency Ninja.’ She firmly believes people can be resilient, or that resiliency and patience are the cornerstone of happiness. During her revival journey, Allison became self-aware and decided not to get agitated or impatient with anyone as the pain was intrinsic, not extrinsic. She made friends with pain and suffering. Instead of avoiding it, she bravely embraced it. During her first surgery, Allison ambitiously attempted to work 18 hours a day, but found she had to pace herself.

The mantra of endurance became her life’s mission, and now she has built a consulting company specializing in elevation seminars, entrepreneurship and strategic development plans to help those who falter–all done with a smile on her face.

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The computer giant, Steve Jobs once famously said:
“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.
So, you must trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.
You have to trust in something–your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever”.

All those challenging events paved the way for Allison to get to where she is today. Without surgery, she wouldn’t have experienced her mother’s meaningful input and relationship–incorporating sorrow and happiness. It’s also ironic that agony led her to find Winston–her joyful and loyal pooch. There’s evidence now to suggest pets reduce stress levels or pain in humans, which would have distracted and helped Allison.

Allison Graham

Challenging or hurtful events will normally trigger an automatic response in humans, in that they withdraw into their shell – somewhat like a tortoise – whenever they’re afraid or in pain. It’s a survival instinct, an inbuilt mechanism, bred over countless generations, to hide from an aggressor whenever injured. Moreover, this response is counterproductive to obtaining valuable support. It’s the understanding, support, insight, and finesse that makes Allison Graham a standout.

But most importantly, it’s inspired thousands of people to keep going in the face of adversity–because life’s struggle is the foundation of all success. And, without friction, the exquisite, sparkling diamond will never shine.


Inspired by Allison’s Story? Check out her podcasts on Resiliency Ninja.

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