This is a very common question, “How will I know if I fall in love?”, but there is no unambiguous or simple answer to it. What one person considers as love is nothing more than the attraction for another person. Some people fall in love very quickly and often, while others never feel true love, just a lust that never grows into something bigger.

It can be very confusing because you can hardly know what to expect from someone. Even when someone says “I love you“, you don’t know exactly what those words mean. That’s why there is so much confusion in the head: What is love? Why do we fall in love with one person and not in the other? How does the heart choose a partner? Why does love end?


Love vs. Lust

Am I Falling in Love? How to Know If You Fall in Love with Someone

One of the most enchanting love sentiments is lust. Lust is a very powerful and very strong physical attraction. Lust is mainly of a sexual nature, a need for satisfying sexual needs, and not to receive care and attention. But people very often confuse it with love. Why? What does love have to do with lust so many people confuse them so often? If lust is just a matter of sex, how can a relationship without sex be based on lust? Lust is a matter of physical attraction and is based on it, regardless of whether it was realized or not, but true love also contains lust, and therefore it is often confused.

However, love is much deeper than lust. Lust is an integral part of love, but not the only one. Love is based on gentleness, care, attention, friendship, commitment, and trust. When you are in love, it’s like you feel the physical attraction for your best friend. Therefore, in true love, if it is mutual, it rarely has jealousy, conflict, testing… It is a generally positive feeling. If it is marked by mistrust, jealousy, insecurity, or the like, then this is not love.

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Love is surrounded by warmth for the other person, with the desire to treat this person well. It is a complete surrender of the heart to the other side, with the realization that it is so much better for you. Love should always be a positive feeling and always be bound by good things.

If you are in love, then you will want all the best for this person and will never lead to anything destructive, provoking jealousy, initiating conflicts, and so on. Love is not demanding either. It’s a good thing. Less than this is not love. It may be lust, friendship or need.

Am I Falling in Love? How to Know If You Fall in Love with Someone

But let’s leave the definitions aside. How will you know that this is love?

-1- You will know if you feel a deep tenderness toward another person. It may happen that when you see that person, her appearance causes the most fascinating feelings.

-2- This person makes you feel especially in her company. There is nothing that makes you happier at that moment. When you look at that person, your heart goes wild, your palms sweat, and you feel the butterflies in your belly.

-3- You completely believe in this person and you don’t reconsider her claims. When you love someone, trust is something that is inseparable from that feeling.

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-4- There is no need to do something that will hurt the other party. To hurt your loved one for you would mean to hurt yourself.

-5- If you have a quarrel, in the end, you always agree that there is nothing more important than your love.

-6- Neither side sets the conditions in which you will have to choose between friends, family, or a hobby and partner.

-7- Neither you nor your partner wants to put your love on a test.

Am I Falling in Love? How to Know If You Fall in Love with Someone

-8- You are a better person when you are in his/her company, and at the same time you are completely on your own.

-9- Sex is based on mutual desire, without the need to persuade each other.

-10- Work for a common benefit, not your own.

When we are in love, feelings carry us, and the body secretes the hormones of happiness that give energy and a good feeling. Then it is easier to face with life’s problems. If you feel these symptoms, congratulations, you fell in love!