You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up!

Story of some people is so influencing that you get motivated to have a never say die spirit.  How Amberly Lago, who was once a fitness coach and dancer, turns to become a motivational speaker and mindset coach give goosebumps and inspiration at the same time. Her story encourages and motivates to ditch the hurdles coming through the way, kick off the snags and shine like a star. 

Coming from a well to do family, Amberly Lago was always a bright student. Her passion for excelling in every field drives her to do the best. Dance was one of her passions that she wanted to explore and pursue in Los Angles. Being fit and dancing like no one’s watching were her mantras of life. She worked with Nike, and running was her life. Living in her fitness world, Amberly Lago was happy and contented. 

She was outstanding in what she was doing. Her world of dancing, running, and fitness was helping her cross every milestone coming through the way with no hassles. Her hard work paid, and she came to the top 1% of elite professional trainers. People were looking forward to her as their personal trainer. 

Amberly Lago

Within no time she became a successful fitness model as well. Her face was on infomercial products, and the world was at her feet. Nike chose her to teach master classes, something every fitness trainer strives for. Later, she married the man of her dreams and had beautiful children with him. However, on one fateful day, everything came crashing down, and things change entirely for Amberly Lago. 

Although professionally Amberly was touching the heights of success, her personal life was witnessing sufferings and traumas. Amberly had a dark childhood wherein she was sexually molested. Later, she experienced a horrendous relationship that leads to divorce. While such incidents break the person from inside out, Amberly Lago didn’t allow them to overpower her. Instead, she made these sufferings her strength, resilience and grit. 

As if these were not enough to pester, Amberly Lago met a dreadful accident that changed her life forever. Her motorcycle collided with an XUV in which her leg got twisted and severely damaged. There was blood oozing out from everywhere. To survive this accident, she endured 34 surgeries, 3 months in hospital, and countless hours of atrocious pain.

The girl, who was once an outstanding runner and dancer, was given just 1% hope to walk again. Her entire world came crashing down. She described her pain as “fire ants all over her legs on a daily basis.”

When Amberly Lago was in coma, the doctors wanted to amputate the damaged leg, but her husband denied. In spite of knowing that the leg will cause her immense pain, Amberly wanted to keep it. Her legs were the strength that once helped her achieve her accomplishments in life. She said no matter how much I have to endure, but I will never separate my legs from my body. She was unaware that one day, this pain would become her biggest teacher and edify her true meaning of self-love. Amberly asked many doctors to give a try just to save her leg to which one trauma specialist doctor agreed with the willingness to take that 1% chance. 

Amberly Lago

When Amberly thought that everything is going the way she wants, the pain starts becoming more intense. It was getting excruciating and unbearable. With a heavy heart, Amberly requested the doctors to amputate her leg, but this time the doctors denied saying that the condition has gone out of their control. The result of this was appalling. Amberly developed a suicidal disease known as complex regional pain syndrome, which meant her pain would last forever. Now, even if the doctors amputate her leg, nerve disease is going to be there forever.

The nightmare for Amberly Lago becomes real when the doctors told her getting back to the wheelchair for the rest of her life. It was like lifetime imprisonment, a life sentence of pain and sorrow. The whole world came crashing down when she realized that she would never be able to have a normal life and run and dance again. If fate favors, she will only be able to walk a little. 

Once a fitness trainer and guiding people to be fit and healthy is now dependent and disabled. Thoughts like these are enough to give up on life; however, there was a sight far beyond this human experience that fueled Amberly will. After spending days of crying and grieving, Amberly Lago finally decided to shift her mindset and focus on what she still can really do. She believed she could walk again despite doctors saying you will never be a trainer. It takes willingness, determination, and grit to go against the odds. Amberly never complained and accepted this hardship with a smile on her face.

You can’t bury the pain, you can’t go around the pain you have everything within you to pace through the pain – Amberly Lago.

She was determined to shift her attitude from self-loathing and self-pity and focusing more on what she can do and how she can be useful for others. In this new journey, her daughters became her biggest motivation. She wanted to inspire and make them believe that it’s not what you look like, but it’s who you are in the world. 

Amberly came up with something which helps her every day. It’s called P.A.C.E.R, which is an acronym of perspective, acceptance, community, endurance, and rest. She believed that if she can implement these things, she can really tap into superpower “resilience.” By the grace of God, she felt that despite every traumatic and harrowing incident happened in her life, she could pull herself up. 

Brick by brick, her road to recovery was starting. Once she changed her perspectives and believed her imperfections to be her strength, she gathered the courage and valor to change her life. Her scars become her power and a force that motivates her on every challenging day. Now her leg was no more a flaw for her, but magnum opus- an art and masterpiece. When you change the way you look at things, the things change itself. Gratitude is alchemy, and it really changed everything for Amberly.

It took two years for Amberly Lago to stand on her legs and walk all over again. She proved the doctors wrong. Her willpower and determination elucidate unsung stories of her life. Making miracles happen is all about taming the brain and making it believe that everything is possible. The story of Amberly Lago is nothing but a shot of marvel- hard to believe but true to the core. 

Author’s talk: You’re already hurt, you’re already in pain, DON’T GIVE UP! Get a reward from it.

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