Listen to me gingerly, Champ.

You gave your bare naked heart to her without even knowing whether she will like it or not. You gave her everything that you can afford and I truly respect you for that. But both you & I know that we just can’t force someone to love us back. You read so many quotes about love on Instagram but still, you don’t understand this. You love that girl so much but she doesn’t love you I know it’s not easy for you. But walking away is. Tell me who is stronger now you or her? The writer or muse?

An Open Letter To The Guy Whose Love Was Never Reciprocated

You did your best to impress her and you tried your level best to win her heart. You nearly think you did? Didn’t you? The problem is she doesn’t want you to win & that is where you lost. But wait, that is where “she lost you too”. I know when she is standing with someone else it feels like the little piece of glass slitting your throat.
Just answer me these questions.

Is she bigger than your dreams? Is she bigger than your parent’s? Is she bigger than your friends?

Then why are you replacing everyone just because of her? You are giving importance to a thing which never appreciates you nor value you or maybe which never existed. She shines because you are grazing her with your wand.

An Open Letter To The Guy Whose Love Was Never Reciprocated

She is breathtakingly beautiful and I don’t disagree. There is nothing in this world which is beyond repair. Everything can be fixed. So your heart can also be, don’t you worry. But you need the right kind of glue for this that’s it. Maybe you should seek God first then people on this earth. Let me tell you one thing it was never your fault nor did I find hers too. You loved her chased her madly she loves someone else and she is chasing someone else madly. It’s just a vicious circle and you need to get out of this. You should be proud of yourself that you have lost something which never loved you and she has lost something who always loved her. You are ultimately stronger & Karma never forgets the address.

Our fingers possess a power which is beyond human understanding. Never let the color of your tip fade away. Our heart has endured so much pain. Only our cheeks know how much tears have been flown by our eyes. Do not forget that you made beautiful igloos even in a burning heart. If someone tells you that your love was just a waste than look straight in their eyes and say, “Can you immortalize the love as we did”?

An Open Letter To The Guy Whose Love Was Never Reciprocated

Life is filled with magic and it’s a wonderland. Happy Ending does exist. You’ll get yours too. Smile. Breath.

The guy who was once exactly where you are now.

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