Welcome those big sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities. – Ralph Marston

This quote resonates with the life of a charming girl – Anamika Mishra. She is an Indian author, blogger, travel enthusiast and a motivational speaker.

Anamika Mishra – The Prolific Writer

Anamika completed her schooling at a local school in Kanpur. During her school days, she fell in love with writing. The passion for writing flows in her veins. The first novel she read was “David Copperfield” which was a part of her academics. She was much influenced and fascinated by the book. After reading the story, Anamika started exploring more and there on read many more stories.


In November 2012, she completed her first novel “Too hard to handle” which was released in 2013 by Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd. This novel is a blend of fact and fiction which is elevated further through the essence of Philosophy. Her book stole hearts of numerous people especially women. Anamika’s debut novel sold over 60,000 copies in a span of 6 months and left everyone amazed with her writing skills. This is not all, she has written two more novels – Voicemates (2016) and For the Sake of Love (2017) – which are available in all leading bookstores across India.

Anamika Mishra – The Prolific Writer

Before writing her first novel, she was in a dilemma about what she actually wanted to become. Anamika did an engineering course followed with a Masters in Journalism – a completely different field. Anamika was confused, demented and muddled with her career choices. And this story resonates with so many Indian students, as they get just follow the herd and get stuck in engineering, even if they have nothing to do with it. While at Amity University, she had a counseling session, and it was after this session that Anamika decided she must focus on writing. Anamika worked very hard, skipped meals and locked herself in a room while she wrote the book. It took three months to complete her first novel, and the rest is history.

Anamika made wrong career choices at every step in her life. She even did a job at the radio station for 20 days, but she wasn’t happy with the situation. She wasn’t getting the deep fulfillment which an individual need, so she made a brave decision to quit the job.


“Why are you leaving this job just for the sake of writing?”, “How can you make writing a full-time job?”, “What about money, how will you earn?” were some of the complaints her parents raised.

Anamika’s parents were heedless about her passion for writing because she had been a science student. In fact, she told her parents about the book after she signed a contract with the publisher. Her parents gave her a mixed reaction; they were happy as well as shocked. Most of her family members are business owners, but against all the odds, Anamika wanted to be a novelist.

Anamika Mishra – The Prolific Writer

While people and things change with the passage of time, Anamika decided to focus only on her dreams. Going after something that gives meaning to her life; something that has a purpose; something that really gives her a reason for being alive; something that directs her actions, becomes the filter by which she judges everything; something that really becomes the gravitational center of her universe. That ‘something’ was writing.

After having her first novel published, her fingers were, naturally crossed as she was eagerly waiting and hoping for the results. With an engineering degree in hand, she had already conceptualized a plan B: To find a job. The novel not only worked, but her book hit the Indian bookstores with a storm with over 60,000 copies sold in just six months.

Maybe it’s a good idea to write something about you in my book… At least then, there will be a place where we will meet every day… and be together forever! – Anamika Mishra

Also a solo traveler, Anamika has extensively traveled across the length and breadth of India. She loves meeting new people each day as her engagement with different people with different mindsets catalyzes new ideas in her due to the divergent thinking, perspective, and meaning. Diversity really inspires her to write more.

In a recent interview, she told that all people around are really kind to her, and she doesn’t know where this negativity comes from; you ask for help, and they will be there for you. Asked why she always prioritizes traveling in her schedule, she said Travelling helps her create new characters for fiction.

Her story is like a deaf frog who – was climbing a tree – while every other animal told her that she couldn’t do so, but she didn’t pay heed to this and continued to persevere.

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