Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

In today’s article, we are going to go over Aquarius x Cancer compatibility in all fields and what it means when they are together. 

Aquarius is the Air sign of sanguine temperament (hot and moist), and its quality is fixed. Uranus is this sign’s main ruler and Saturn is its co-ruler. This is one of the only two human signs of the Zodiac (the other one being Gemini). 

Cancer is the Water sign of phlegmatic temperament (cold and moist), and its quality is cardinal (this means they love to lead, similar to Aries). Moon is Cancer’s ruler (one of the two luminaries of the Zodiac – the other one being the Sun, and the only two celestial objects that do not have retrograde walk) and it’s represented by the crab. 

There’s not much in common that these two signs have in common, especially if take into account the fact that the co-ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, and Cancer feels most unwelcome and victimized by Saturn. 

There’s also a fact that Aqua is a fixed sign and they don’t like often and forced changes, while Cancer is a cardinal sign and they like to lead and for things to be the way they envision them to be. 

The only mutual trait that Aquarians and Cancers share could be the dose of mad geniality – both of these signs are like mad scientists who like to experiment, take things apart to find out how they work and then put them back together, and think about weird phenomena and things.

Aquarius and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

They actually have good friendship compatibility thanks to their virtues of loyalty and dedication. Aquarius is loyal to their friends above all, and Cancers are loyal to their family first and foremost, then their loved ones and friends. 

Cancer is the mother hen of their friend group, and Aquarius is the eldest child – they’re both responsible and determined in their support of their friends. Aqua’s friends are the only people they’re not afraid to show emotions and love to openly. 

And Cancers have a mighty intuition that allows them to know that despite their detached and seemingly cold exterior, Aquarius are gentle snowflakes full of loyalty and love for their friends. 

They might approach the rest of their life very differently, but friendships and friends are one sacred thing they both love dearly and will fight fiercely to protect. 

Since Cancer awakes protective feelings in Aquarius, Aqua won’t be the usual trickster and jester towards Cancer, they will rather protect Cancer and show them both the support and love they need to receive from their friends. 

Cancer will, in turn, take good care of Aquarius by asking them have they eaten, are they warm and do they need anything? It’s a good friendship based on mutual respect and loyalty.

Aquarius and Cancer Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

This is not a very high percentage because Cancers seek utter and complete emotional and attention dedication, whereas Aquarius is more of a lone wolf type of a person. 

Cancer is ready to give its all to its family and partner, but Aquarius needs their space and alone time to think and invent. This is far from the statement that Aquarius doesn’t want or need a family, but their level of investment in a partner/family is far below that of Cancer. 

Aquarius needs to have room to ‘breathe’, they want to be able to disappear for a couple of days without having to explain or even say where are they going or what they’re up to. This behavioral pattern can trigger some very nasty programs in Cancer’s psyche, and thus a lot of panic, screaming and drama can become a regular part of their marriage. 

There are not a lot of signs who can understand Aquarius and their need for freedom (apart from Sagittarius) and alone time. Cancer is definitely not one of them, as Cancer can live as a Siamese twin with his partner. 

In the end, Cancer and Aquarius need and want different things from their relationships/marriage, which doesn’t make them a good couple. This is not to say that a relationship/marriage between Cancer and Aquarius is not possible, far from it, this is just to say that in general, they are not a good match for this type of a relationship.

Aquarius and Cancer in Bed

Cancer needs emotional and physical feedback and warmth from their partner in order to get aroused and feel safe enough to show their sexual nature. While Aquarius prefers verbal and intellectual turn-on as foreplay. 

Their styles differ substantially from each other. This is why they need true emotion if they are to bed each other. 

The good thing is that they’re both creative lovers and can express themselves through peculiar movements and tricks in bed. Aquarius are quirky when it comes to sex, and they might exhibit some very odd and peculiar fetishes. 

This is not to say that Cancers don’t have any weird fetishes of their own, after all, they are a Water sign – the element that is all about feeling and procreating – creating life, so they’re bound to have some odd kinks of their own. 

The question is – can they go well with each other? It all depends on the preference, but Cancers are known for not being able to let go and open up in bed if they don’t feel emotionally secure, and Aquarius doesn’t have such a problem, but they are emotionally detached and cold, so there’s a mismatch in their sexual waltz.

Aquarius and Cancer Emotional Compatibility

Their emotional compatibility is on the lower side of the percentage scale. Aquarius is a highly individual and intellectual sign, whereas Cancer is a highly emotional and groupie sign. 

Cancers need constant emotional support, a feeling of intimacy with their partner, and warm vibes. They can’t get that from a sign that is co-ruled by Saturn. Aquarius observes emotions with disgust and aversion for they cannot find a logical and rational explanation and cause behind them. 

Aquarius prefers to be free and able to lean on their intellect and intellectual prowess when dealing with the matters of the heart – something that Cancer cannot comprehend and understand. 

Cancer can misunderstand Aquarius’ need for solitary habits and behavior as losing interest and/or cheating on them. There are a lot of mutual (emotional) triggers for both of these signs, thus they do not go well together where their emotions are concerned.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility Percentage

This couple doesn’t have high compatibility scores simply because they are so different and they want and wish for different things. They also speak a different love language and have different needs they search for in a partner. 

This is not to say that their coupling is impossible or wrong, this is just to say that they might find it more difficult to make their relationship work than some other signs. 

Trust: 57%

Emotions: 32%

Intellect: 68%

Values: 30%

Sex: 63%

Activities: 54%

Are Aquarius and Cancer a good match?

Not very much, no. At least not in the long run, unless there’s a soulmate or twin flame situation going on between them.

What attracts a Cancer woman to an Aquarius man?

Cancer woman can be attracted to Aqua man’s high IQ and unconventional persona. However, emotional detachment and unavailability (by Cancer woman’s standards) can be one of the “aphrodisiacs” Cancer woman finds alluring in Aqua man.

Famous Aquarius/Cancer Celebrities

Aquarius celebrities are Cristina Ronaldo, Emma Roberts, Kelly Rowland, Ed Helms, Elijah Wood and Tom Selleck. 

Cancer celebrities are: Sofia Vergara, Chris Pratt, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Elon Musk and Pamela Anderson. 

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By Itana Rakic

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