We all had it, some of us might be going through it.. and if you currently are,


Runaway and never look back.

“With all the remains of my scattered heart, I will love you. I always will”

And that was the day I realized what I thought “we” had, would never come to an end.

But what were we?

No closer to lovers, I’d say.

But far more than friends, they say.

And that’s when it all vanishes, suddenly. With no wake-up call, no false alarm, without any goodbyes. Just vanishes. Like it was never there.

That’s when you know that you, my friend, had an almost relationship.

Are you having an Almost Relationship

Almost relationship (n): A boy-girl relationship who has all the looks and the feelings of a relationship, only that it isn’t one.

I pretty much think you know what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about that one specific person you fell head over heels for, about that person who’s too selfish to give you a title.

I’m talking about the person who’s getting all of your attention, all of your affection, the person who’s getting all that they need. But what about what you need?

Where do you stand in all of this? Are we just friends? Could we be something more? Do they feel the same?

And all the other questions that made you wonder about all of it.

You both are super close, you both are getting along and getting closer each and every day.

They act lovey-dovey one day and disappear the next one.

They keep telling you that you are special more than anyone else, you chat all day, all night.

Are you having an Almost Relationship

You have many phone calls,

Then I just woke up phone calls, and I’m going out tonight phone calls, you even have I really miss your voice phone calls, call me when you get home phone calls, I got home and goodnight phone calls

And of course, they get jealous when you give the slightest bit of attention to someone else, that’s why you may think that they might feel the same. You put on hopes and keep giving your all, while they give you nothing at all.

Nothing but heartache. Nothing but questions.

Aren’t I good enough to be committed to?

Of course, you’re good enough.

You’re better than this.

You are better giving your all to someone who’s so insecure that they make you feel like you’re the insecure one.

You’re so better than crying yourself to sleep, better than compromising, better than being hung up on something that was never real and never going to be.

You’re better than being manipulated, better than filling up a void.

You’re better than being treated based on how they feel like treating you today.

There’s always a piece of you who’d want them to feel what you felt.

Are you having an Almost Relationship

There’s always wanting to make them jealous; there is always bitter feelings for what they did to you. No matter how good of terms you might be on.

May you never be in need of somebody who doesn’t need you at all.

May you never care about someone who doesn’t care about you at all.

May you never get attached to someone who’s not willing to stay with you as long as you thought.

May you never fall for someone who’s using you just because someone else is not available.

May you never take any crap from anyone who doesn’t know what they want.

Now that you know what an almost relationship really sounds like, wouldn’t you like to break free rather than to be stuck in there forever?