Aries and Leo Compatibility

Unusually powerful is the best and perhaps most accurate way to describe the potential this royal couple shares when they establish a healthy and paced relationship. 

Their passionate heat can last a lifetime, and on top of the double fire combination rests a beautiful cooperation between the Aries and Leo who know very well how to combine the playfully igniting impulsiveness of the cardinal sign and the organizational talents of a fixed one to follow through on an adventurous, rich and deeply enjoyable journey.

They keep a permanent high through the constant excitement and elevation they bring to one another. Each date is an opportunity to trump the previous one, for example. They know how to impress each other and are eager to show up in the powerful and intensely romantic nature they proudly carry within.

On the flip-side, two fire signs don’t have much to cool things down with when they get heated, which happens rather quickly. 

To maintain restraint and not burn everything they’ve built together down on the first sight of trouble is extremely desirable as both these sun signs know very well how deeply hurt they get from experiencing failure. 

But this commonality makes them incredible cheerleaders to each other, and that creates the ability to maintain the precious romance. Combined with many other similar qualities they understand each other very easy and without trying. 

Equally as loyal and devoted when in love, they will most likely both give it their best to makes things work between them no matter what. 

The subtle differences between these signs compliment their personalities and make for probably the best teammates and friends possible.

As an equal match the Aries and Leo are not scared off by what often terrifies any other sign. Neither can overly intimidate the other with their huge energy, enthusiasm and competitive nature.

Directness is not a problem but rather a preference, and wildness is not appealing but immensely engaging and tempting. 

If anything, this aggressive ambition drives them to become the fullest versions of themselves and a healthy amount of competition does keep the flame burning. They challenge, dare and inspire each other to move forward and boost their soul-evolvement. 

Healthy is the key-word here, and this only exists in mutual respect and appreciation to one another’s zest for life, which they often automatically have. Lucky match.

The fun-loving Aries and playful Leo are like moths to a flame with each other. 

They are strong enough to handle their opponent’s passion and wild side, are both drawn to the victorious and highly potentially rich nature of challenge and love to stay on edge. 

Having a willing playmate is therefore a dream coming through for these signs, that often experience needing to ‘tone it down’ or having to tiptoe around others in their life. 

Sexually this bring a lot of thrill as well, of course. The stimulation they bring and receive from feeling the space and appreciation to be their full authentic Self brings forth their tremendous libido and sparks all their deepest desires. 

This combination will create a charisma around the relationship that will dazzle the world around them with the incredible flair and brilliance they showcase. 

On top of this compatibility lives a highly fulfilled appetite for both their likings.

The individual love, lust and fascination they have for life is greatly represented by the other, which makes them crave each other deeper and more satiably as the bond deepens and they see into each other with expanse.

For an Aries there is nothing more desirable than a generous, big hearted, open-minded, sincere and straight forward friend that is not only free of any hidden agendas but also emotionally independent. Moreover, aside from all these great Leo-qualities the Aries will be spoiled with incredibly romantic gestures and a great amount of laughs. A Leo’s aim is to cheer up the world around them, and the lucky Aries that they love will not be left short of this. 

And in the other direction; an Aries fulfills any Leo’s desire to connect deeply and devoted with a witty, adventurous, excitable and most importantly fun human being that is as romantically inclined as them and has an inspirational sense of initiative, assertive and bright leadership.

The motivation a Leo sometimes lacks is easily compensated by the richness of ideas in an Aries, and this provides them to uphold their proudly established strength by being gifted with the opportunity to show their staying power and follow through on the ideas an Aries often doesn’t have the patience to establish for. 

This is one of many ways in which their personality inspires the other and covers any weak spots. Something these two proud, honorable, self-confident and at times egotistical fire signs are not opposed to welcome in their otherwise slightly counterfeit life. 

They hold a delicate insecurity that neither are inclined to easily show. And the ways in which they truly see each other not only provides the support to deal with this insecurity in maturity and with compassion, but also offers the assurance that being vulnerable has no discard to their potentiality and capability.

That being said, there are some ways in which they can use this fragility of ego in beneficial ways.

The Leo for example gets a lot of dividends when they know how to make an Aries believe they are in the lead.

And an Aries will easily get there way if they know how to flatter a Leo, who can barely say no to someone who praises them. 

If done with integrity and a sense of irony this can be a healthy and playful part of the relationship. Yet keep a weary awareness that neither of these signs like to be played and/or manipulated, so staying away from any of those temptations is highly suggested.

One other thing to be aware of for an Aries is how their bluntness, despite its innocence from their standpoint, can trigger offense in the most-of-the-time thickly skinned Leo. 

Receiving criticism from their loved one is surprisingly painful and activates a highly sensitive reaction. This can catch an Aries off guard as their partner is usually not that easily insulted, but also teaches them to realize the power in which they express their opinions and observational advice, and how it is important to gain tools of consideration and gentleness if even their most compatible and powerful playmate gets hurt by their directness.  

And as for the Leo, a valuable lesson to learn from being with an Aries is that having a difference in taste doesn’t make one wrong and the other right. 

Gaining tolerance, compliance and even appreciation for another person’s preference, taste or method can sooth the roaring pride that lives within and sometimes pushes away those that have less tolerance for ego and confidence than your Aries ally.

Though both signs will have the tendency to do this, it is crucial for a Leo not to try to turn the other person into a version of themselves. The reason a Leo needs to honor this is because it will be the first thing that drives an Aries away. 

What they treasure most, as being the youngest of the signs, is their purpose to ignite and spark the world with their purity. And to be forced, pushed or changed into someone they’re not is enough reason to immediately turn away. 

Despite the importance of following a few rules to not aggravate each other’s fierce self-protection, the lack of holding grudges and always wanting to improve themselves makes any fight or argument relatively easy to sooth as long as neither loses themselves in destructive fiery tendencies and rage. 

Remembering the blissful first times they’ve spent together and how both immediately recognized the kindred spirit that lives within the other, is a charitable gift. 

The magnetic energy between an Arian and Leo and the spotlight they share from that, leaves others in awe while they watch them build an empire and show the world the absolute excitement of a healthy romance. 

Two wild types. 

One full of stories about daring exploits and with immense enthusiasm, and the other with an outrageously flirty charisma and brilliant wit. The Aries and Leo are the center of attention most anywhere they venture.

With their often overwhelmingly bright, enthusiastic and inspirational energy these two fire signs often feel unprotected in the earthy environment upon which they fulfill their mission. As mentioned before, most people get triggered by their powerful presence. 

Yet another beautiful thing about the Aries & Leo union is that, as worthy opponents, they find wholesome sensations of safety and support in each other’s presence, which provides them with a strong and stable foundation upon which they can experience being completely grounded, which allows them both to blossom in their most potentially expansive and straightforward, truthful way.   

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which adds idealistic assertive action and warrior-like spirit to the experiences of the Leo, who is ruled by the Sun and therefore represents protection, luminosity and strength in which the Aries can bath.

When they learn how to share the spotlight and are magnanimous enough to take turns, they’re in for a long lasting bond.

Their teamwork is insanely good and does not require as much personal responsibly, care and willingness to work on self-improvement an continue building on this relationship in harmony.

All they need are some simple rules of navigation and consideration depending on the individual nuances that shape their insecurities, triggers and boundaries. 

The direct openness of their communication should make this an assisted process and that concludes this article after one last piece of advice:

It is important not to discuss or even compare any previous relationships.

As huge romantics and passionate lovers both the Aries and the Leo aspire, crave and aim to feel like they are the best lover the other has ever had. 

And because they both crave this sensation and have a need to secure their insecurities, it is best not to risk any longterm damage to an otherwise perfect relationship.  

These topics may cause a trigger to become jealous once their bond deepens. Not because they fear the other leaving or replacing them, but because they adore each other so deeply that there is mutual fear their partner becomes attractive to other people who then might try to make a move on them. 

That is why their devotion is so strong; to make sure they let each other know how much they love one another, more than any other person is capable of. 

This is true within a healthy relationship of course, but for a Leo and Aries also partially to assure themselves that they won’t lose the other. A bond like this is extremely extraordinary and worth one’s weight in gold, and they know that.

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