Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Strongly driven by the enriching newness of Springtime, the youthful Arian and Taurean both have a positive and enthusiastic approach to exploring the variable and rich experiences of life. This beautiful alchemy makes a new love affair between them a very exciting and passionate journey that will pull them in equally as strong.

They see the joyous potential of a strong chemistry and will find tremendous relief in the mutual loyalty they’re willing to show in their expansion of intimacy and togetherness.

As a cardinal fire sign the Aries has quite an opposite instinctual structure than the fixed earthliness of the Taurus.

While one fiercely moves forward in excitable idealism, the other gently sinks in the preferably everlasting comfort of being present in the material reality of the ‘Now’. 

But with this opposition comes a beautiful point of balance and harmony.

The Aries fire needs a solid ground to spread upon and be carried by, while the Taurean earth element benefits from the transformative power of the fiery destruction that leads to new creation.

In harmony they generate opportunities for the fire to burn and brighten its light and the earth blossoms to the ignition of the cycles when nature is blooming. 

It is not hard to imagine the immense adoration that comes from being so complementary to one another. 

Fire teaches that there is beauty in the ever-expanding and changeable essence of nature, while the earth births the flowering of life and allows for a gracious blossoming.

This balance between the transformative masculine act of manifesto and the sensually receptive feminine care creates a stable and solid foundation for the Aries and Taurus to build a relationship upon.

The wholesome forwardness they’re able to create together holds a lot of space and opportunity for many playful, sensual and creative experiences to enjoy in bliss and deep affection. 

This gives their compatibility a highly enriching potential. This relationship is definitely one worthy of care, compassion and long-lasting love.

A beautifully vital and lively romance, provided by two partners that seek after thrilling affairs and co-creative bonds. 

For a relationship to succeed, love and attraction are not the only essential elements. 

To symbiotically grow as a result of an intimate bond there needs to be a functional and honest communication, clarity on personal boundaries and high levels of respect, compassion and acceptance.

With that being said, there is a crucial importance for the Aries and Taurus to learn how to navigate their almost opposite natures and find anchored trust in the purity and innocence of their shared values. 

Though it may seem like they are in opposition of each other, the deeper values beneath their decisions and urges are more similar than they think, and for this reason it is highly recommended to build strength around their suspicion and judgement.

Within the awareness of the strength in their foundation, there should be enough safety and support provided for both partners to let hope guide them through the learning processes they provoke in each other. This casts away any fear for the destructive risks of any incompatibilities and strengthens an initially fragile bond.

In openness to transcend it can be relatively easy to reach a beautiful height in all the layers of a healthy relationship.

The ardent nature of these young sun signs have a positive effect on their motivational and inspirational influences on each other. Just look at the ways in which they complement the other to fulfill their story with color and expansion. And on top of that there is an equal balance between how much they contribute in this. 

They make a good team for a wholesome, fast paced and sensual journey if the Aries finds more patience towards the inflexible and sometimes stagnant Taurus, and if the Taurean allows itself more tolerance towards the often overwhelmingly assertive and excitable Aries.

By understanding the intentional essence and purpose of each other’s natural desires and urges, they learn a lot through inspiration and enrichment of their personal experiences in their own structural reality.

They gift each other a newness that adds on strongly and invitingly. 

It is for example just as important for a Taurus to learn how risks and challenge bring a thrill of aliveness and growth in life, as it is for an Aries to learn to see and sink in the richness of all the nuances in life to truly feel satisfied.

These are equally soul-enriching gifts, and that is why their relationship can be of such bliss and true improvement and discovery.  

An Aries brings constant newness to the feelings, taste, color, sound and smell of life, while the Taurus makes sure these essential elements are thoroughly enjoyed as well as appreciated and honored for their pure value.

If the Taurus can appreciate the Aries’ excitement and patiently teach them the beauty of slowing down, there is a lot of warmth and safety provided for the Aries. An opportunity of great meaning, as they can finally surrender and allow the reward of their courageous work to nurture them. This soothes their otherwise restless sensation of being alive, and in such peace exists great potential for individual growth.

And when the Aries knows how to inspire and ignite the Taurus with consideration of their peace-loving and tame nature, they open many doors of growth and expansion for the otherwise stubborn and at times motionless Taurus.

This is a strong way in which they add-on to the triumph of their deepest desires and ‘live it up’ a couple more notches in support, harmony and strong encouragement. 

With that being said, neither of the signs likes being provoked or pushed and they both in very juvenile ways, will act out their frustration in stubbornness, temperament or even aggression. 

So taking time and having a shared cause is something to stay consciously aware of during the entire relationship. 

The required self-control over these tendencies to explode is a personal responsibility to have for both individuals, and unless they’re willing to mature their malefic patterns there is a high risk of them having very heated arguments and fights. 

Luckily for them, as neighboring signs, they have their planet Mercury in similar positions and most likely in each other’s sign, which enhances and allows their ability to harmonize in communication quite easily and talk things over in a more empathic, giving and understandable way.

Another challenging dynamic that may occur but is not short of a solution, is jealousy.

The experimental flirtations of an Aries conflict with the possessive symptomatic behavior of the highly protective and devoted Taurus that just like the Aries has a fair amount of insecurities to transcend.

They show these in different ways, and only with a good amount of compassion can they accept these impulsive and instinctive programmings and show enough care to support each other in their journey towards sovereignty. 

The vulnerability of a romantic bond shows these hidden frailties, so it is important, early on in the relationship, to speak openly and honest about personal boundaries that are a reflection of what both individuals are protecting and guarding. 

The earlier the better for these conversations, because they not only both have strong standards but are also like bulls in a china shop and will unconsciously and unintentionally cross them at times. 

This communication should include sharing the values on amorous preferences, how to behave in public and feel respected during any interaction with other people and all other areas in which most likely the Aries can unintentionally trigger a Taurus by its obliviousness to other people’s needs. 

Their impulsiveness can be excitable and a beautiful catalyzer of joy, but also at times result in rash and/or blunt actions that cross or even provoke the often rigid and tight boundaries of their Taurean partner.

Gaining tolerance is therefore key to both an Aries and Taurus as they move in vastly different speeds and have such variable needs. The Aries for example will naturally be in higher demand of attention and therefore seeks validation or appreciation outside the relationship. 

They can learn a lot form the grace and kindness in the deliberate moves a Taurus makes, and the Taurus benefits strongly from being inspired to take more action and avert stagnation by taking on some of the courage and willpower an Aries has to honor their own interest and willfully claim their needs.

When they’re both willing to expand as individuals there shouldn’t be too many power-struggles, despite the inevitable polarity of the dynamics between a catalyst and a stabilizer. 

Neither of these signs like mental detours and manipulative behavior, so being honest and open to one another will most likely be their biggest strength. 

As a piece of advice; learn to honor each other’s obvious characteristics and compromise your needs to a point of balance and mutual benefit. 

Because in such a situation the relationship between an Aries and a Taurus is one of a very special kind.

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By Jaya Margherita

As a curious full-time traveler who was born and raised in the multicultural city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jaya Margherita has pursued her passionate discovery of both traditional and alternative teachings across this planet from the age of 17.