Regardless of the age that a woman has, it would always be somewhat nice to receive these demonstrations of love and care when a relationship with someone freshly begins. It is a big pressure for each guy when he realizes that has come the moment to ask a girl that very important and crucial question. It is tough to determine when is the right time and the right opportunity for such a question. It´s especially difficult if there is a fear of being rejected and defeated.

Every girl needs a different approach and a different way of asking questions. We assume that you are familiar with the person you want to ask for a relationship. Therefore, you know by yourself which is the best way to ask her this tricky question. We can help a little bit and say in which ways, however, you should not ask a girl for a relationship. And remember that defeat and rejection is the part that everyone has to go through on the way to the right one.


Not immediately

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

By this we mean that you met a girl the night before and immediately when you see her the next time, you ask her to be your girlfriend. First, get to know the person you want to ask for a relationship. Something like this cannot ask someone you know barely a few days or a few hours, and with whom you have nothing to do, and you did not pass anything with her.


NOT through a text message

This important and beautiful question certainly is not appropriate to ask through text messages. Gather all the courage you have and place this question in the right way. Look at the eyes of a girl and bravely ask this question.

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Make sure to be memorable

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Use all the imagination you have. Try to make a magical moment that your girlfriend will remember her whole life. Very few girls will resist entering the relationship in a romantic way in the semi-darkness with candles flicker and melodious voice by which you will ask her this important question.


Do not ask a girl for a relationship if you don’t mean that seriously.

It makes no sense to ask for a relationship with every girl you meet or who comes along. Not every girl is for the relationship, nor each is the right one for you. This important question is necessary to keep only for girls who truly deserve it.

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No means no.

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Although many of the guys when they go on a mission of conquering a girl, they do not recognize any other outcome except victory. But it does not mean that every mission should be successful. Even if she liked you, that does not mean you can stick a flag on her and thus gain undisputed ownership of her presence throughout the evening.

Perhaps she wants to hang out with friends and to rest a little from you to comprehend the impression that you left. Maybe, in the end, she did not even like you. The biggest mistake is not to let her leave! By this, you will certainly lose her. Listen to our advice – tell her thanks for the given time and leave her when it is most interesting. A little mysticism does not hurt, and certainly, it is no secret that hitting the longing, helps like no other tactics. Put your bait, and let her chase you. She surely will catch the bait!


None of the pressures.

Every woman hates pressures. Questions like: “Hey … do you want to be my girlfriend?”

When the girl does not know you, she did not live romantic or sexual experiences with you … When she considers you only as a simple “friend” or “known”… It tends to be perceived as “Hey … I have not had the courage to invite you to spend exciting moments with me … not had the courage to kiss you … I have not had the courage to insinuate how much I like you until now … Will you give me permission to do so? “Many men see asking a woman to become his girlfriend as a way of asking “permission” for a woman to make her relationship with her romantic and sexual advance form. And the more educated, they may seem to ask permission. For a woman, this question puts her in an awkward situation:

First: She hopes that things just happen. Without permission, without any pressure … Just as has been happening in the films of romance she has seen since childhood.

Second: Women view man as an opportunity to make fewer decisions, not a greater number of decisions!

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Women expect you to know: Where to go. What to do to have a good time. Where to eat, where to sleep, what to do if things get tough. It is part of the natural process of “courtship” and also part of the original search of every woman for a man who is able to become the leader of his relationship with her.

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