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10 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25

ways to ruin the next 25 years of your life

Time flies and you would soon be 50, you realize that? You might have retirement plans but do you think you would have this much energy to live your life then? We people are busy struggling in our life, finding ways to earn money without paying close attention to what we really want to do. […]

Life Tips

7 Ways to Keep Your Ego In Check

how to keep your ego in check

We all must be aware of our inner self and should know what both our flaws and flaunts are. When we sit to analyse, the first thing we come across is our ego. It affects our life way more than any other emotion does. And no, it’s not necessarily all bad. Rather it is wrongly […]


3 Reasons why Love is Not Enough for a Relationship

why love is not enough in a relationship

Movies always teach us one thing, “love is enough to keep a relationship strong.” But is it really true? Is love enough to keep us happy as well? Aren’t compatibility and love, two very different things? Love isn’t a sure shit cure for every problem that we have in our relationship. It is so not […]