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12 Things You Can Do To Feel Better When You are Down

feel better when you are down

Gone are the days when we were little kids who had everything in life and the only reason we used to be sad was because our parents did not let us have the candy or the new pencil box. That time, we hadn’t lost anyone dear to us and there were no “memories” that were […]

Life Tips

7 Things You Could Do to be More Humble

how to be humble

In this world where everyone is competing, there are two kinds of people, those who lack self-esteem and then there are those who are so egoistic, that humility is far from their sight and actions. You might want to be “perfect” in every way and even believe that you are so, but you need to […]

Life Tips

7 Things to Do to Get Your Life Together

How to get your life together

When chaos occurs, you are always left off balance but there are only a few who pick themselves up before it’s too late. There are those who are left wondering how they ended up in the situation or how will they move on. While time doesn’t wait for them and boom, it’s been three years […]

Life Tips

How to Take Care of Yourself

how to take care of yourself

One question for you, who are you living for, if not for yourself? Who are you earning money for, if not for yourself? If you have a family of you own, you might say it’s all for them, but he, are you happy with that? Don’t you lack self-esteem then? Don’t you fall sick frequently? […]