The twenties are the best part of our lives. It is the time when we become completely selfish and take up wrong decisions without even giving a second thought about its consequences.

However, that’s completely natural and okay. After all, we all need to learn the way life works. It is our mistakes that teach us unforgettable life lessons.

The twenties are the time where we either make or break ourselves. Talking about a serious relationship, you should purposefully avoid it. It might feel like that’s all you ever wanted, but it isn’t so.

A serious relationship is a big deal-breaker in your twenties and here are a few reasons that justify it.


1. You are still shuffling jobs

Reasons To Avoid Relationships in Your 20's

Maybe you don’t even have a job right now. Since you are in your twenties, you are shuffling between internships and temporary jobs.

You are at an early phase of your career, and you seriously can’t let anything ruin it.

You are in need of a stable job first, and a serious relationship is a deal-breaker here.


2. You are not ready for commitments.

How can you be ready for commitments when you don’t even have a stable job? (See Point #1) Your partner might ask for a serious commitment from you, but you know it very well that you can’t afford it. Right? You probably need more time for it, until everything cools down.

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3. You are Selfish

During this decade of your life, you are selfish, and all your decision revolves around just one person — It’s YOU!

You won’t even care what your partner might think about your decisions, and it will undoubtedly lead to a — Break Up!

And yeah, heartbreaks in your twenties hurt just too much. More than the one you experienced during teenage.


4. Marriage? WTF!

You would probably react in the same way when your partner talks about getting married. Well, no one can afford a wedding anyway. You don’t have a stable job, a stable life or maybe you don’t even see him/her as marriage material.


5. You are attracted to almost every hot guy/girl.

Reasons To Avoid Relationships in Your 20's

Aren’t you attracted? “No”? You are not just lying to me but are lying to yourself. You will get attracted to almost all hot guys and girls.

Sometimes you might even doubt if your PRESENT PARTNER is hot enough and the right one for you.

Well, everyone wants a sexy partner, and that’s completely fine.

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6. You can’t take care of anything, except your self.

Well, honestly speaking, you can’t even take care of your favorite plants in your twenties.

How will you be able to take care of your partner then? You simply can’t.

Even if you do, you will feel frustrated with so many responsibilities on your head.


7. You are not able to keep promises.

Even If you try your best, there will always be times when you just cannot keep your promises, mostly due to unavoidable circumstances.

Your broken promises will hurt your partner. Well, sometimes you will be on the other side too.

You may or may not be able to bear heart breaks now and then. Your heart breaks will inevitably result in decreased productivity, which might get you fired too!?

How will you be able to stand dual heartbreaks? Oh gosh!

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8. You are Impatient

You are young and you don’t have enough patience to let time do its job. If you like a girl or guy, you will just be in a hurry to go and propose. But you must already know that it may not work.

Similarly, if you are already in a relationship, you would like to taste all the waters. (Whatever that means to you!) Which might turn out as the worst decision? Patience for the right time is all you need.


9. You don’t have enough time for Serious Relationships.

Travel trips, vacations, business meetings, search for the new job and hundreds of more things are lined up to suck your precious time in your twenties.

If you are in a serious relationship, you need to devote your time to it, and I don’t think it is even possible at this stage of life.


10. You are not ready for “Sacrifices.”

Reasons To Avoid Relationships in Your 20's

You have just started to make small “Sacrifices” of your happiness for achieving your dreams. However, once you get in a serious relationship, you will have to make hundreds of sacrifices, just to keep your partner happy. Will you be able to do so? I guess, not. Want to go out with your friends? But, the partner doesn’t want you to go! You will need to sacrifice that plan for your partner’s happiness.

These are some of the deal-breakers of getting into a serious relationship. There are hundreds of more reasons, but I just can’t blog them down. If you’re still considering diving into a serious relationship, please keep these things in your mind.

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