10 Awesome Pieces Of Advice To Help You Thrive Your Freshman Year

10 Awesome Pieces Of Advice To Help You Thrive Your Freshman Year

Your schooling is over guys it’s time to jump into the world of strangers again. But this time the strangers are different, they might not have the same thinking like you, and therefore you have to adjust yourself to them. No matter how you do it, but you need to! Because if you are not able to align yourself with them, the consequences might not be good enough. These four years are going to be the most memorable years of your life where you see yourself being developed socially, mentally and physically.

Here are 10 Tips For College Freshman that will help you to survive and thrive your Freshman Year


Write a diary

write a dairy when you are in college You might not enjoy writing, but trust us, it will be worth it. Just imagine yourself ten years in the future. Now imagine going back in time, your first day in the college, your first date with your crush and all the fun that had taken place in those four years. Of course, you will be able to remember the most important details, but not everything, and that’s why you write a dairy.

Your Diary will make it easy for you to cherish all those moments, as you have a record of each and everything that happened during those four years, and by now you can probably imagine that awesome feeling.

You might think we have a camera on our phone, we can click or record the memories, but guys when you write something, you guys express yourself completely. So start writing a Diary, as soon as you join college.


Adjust yourself

You guys are not at your home now so your wishes won’t be granted here. You have to adjust yourself to the mess food, with your roommate and with all of these different surroundings. It might be difficult for you to adjust at the start but you will get used to this after few weeks.

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Call your parents daily

make regular phone calls to your parentsYour parents love you and miss you. And they are worried about you as they’ve cared for you for 18 years so indulge them with a call from time to time or at least once a day. Never hide and never lie anything with your parents, if you have a problem just tell them, and they will try to sort it out.


Say no to drug addicts and alcoholic roommates

Say no to drug addicts and alcoholic roommatesIf you happen to be with one, just change your room. Don’t even try to adjust with them because someday your drug addict or alcoholic friend is going to force you to do their thing. So stay away from these drug addict or alcoholic person and just make them your nodding acquaintance.



Never take advice from movies, magazines, and your friends. Just read good books, learn by doing and you will come to your conclusion. Read books as much as you can because with the help of books you are going to be a little different from others.

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Learn something different

learn something newDon’t be limited to one course. If you are doing engineering, then don’t confine yourself to engineering course only. Try to learn something about computer science, electronics, finance or anything else you that you might be interested in. You’ll be surprised by how you can pair these together to create something unique.



Learn to travel with your friends or you can go alone. Travelling is the best way to change your mood and is also a stress buster. Travel as much as you can because travelling is going to teach you many things in life, which the four walls of your classroom isn’t going to. Take the time to explore the entire campus, your city and distant places.

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don't waste too much time in college loveGetting into a romantic relationship is not a waste of time. Even if you’re the busiest, most ambitious person in the world, it’ll be good for you. But just make sure that your relationship doesn’t affect your career and learn to distribute your time evenly with your studies and with your partner.



When you enter the college, learn to participate in the college events because this is the time when you are going to remove your shyness, and it will make you self-confident. Go for organisations like AIESEC or go for an internship in foreign it will help you a lot. Because in the end, everyone is going to have a degree but what matters the most is what else you have done to change your personality in these four years.

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Some other hacks for well-being

college hacks to survive freshman year

  1. Never miss your morning class by giving lame excuse of sleep.
  2. Don’t drink monster or red bull just stick with coffee during exams.
  3. Keep your room in an organized manner because sometimes there can be a surprise visit from your parents.
  4. Don’t be complacent but be happy.
  5. Be happy and thank God for what you are and where you are.

Enjoy your college life..!

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