Ever wondered how disheartening it could be to expend all of your energy in climbing a mountain to the top to find out you were on the wrong mountain? Yea, the story we are sharing of our guest today is as surprising as finding out your real destination was the mountain opposite you.

Bansi Patel is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Being a Chartered Accountant, Business and life coach, author, artist, and at the same time, a podcaster is sure not something easy to come by. Well, Bansi was born in India, and one could take the clue that standing out in a country with such an overwhelming population of 1.2 billion people sure requires a lot of tenacity. Growing up, Bansi’s family had it rough with finances. Seeing the financial struggles of her family, Bansi braced up to get her family and herself, a more fulfilling life. She was so much determined; she made sure to excel in her academics and then decided to pitch her career around chartered accountancy which is an equivalent degree to CPA in the USA.

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Bansi seemed to be getting it all right, but, in the process, she forgot what her goal was. Money was the primary reason she chose to be a Chartered accountant. While this wasn’t entirely wrong, it is important to note that money and material things do not always give you the happiness you seek. This, probably, was a hidden fact to Bansi. She was focused on being a Chartered Accountant while forgetting to have FUN and Joy which are the main ingredients for an “Inspired living.”

The Chartered Accountancy dream didn’t take long to come to live. At the age of 23, Bansi became a certified Chartered accountant. It didn’t happen on a platter anyway, and she earned it with lots of work and sleepless nights. So, it is fair to say the degree was well deserved. Reaching this dream, however, cost her social connection since studies took the bulk of her time.

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In April 2016, barely four months into being a Chartered Accountant, it dawned on Bansi that things were not always as simple as they seemed. The feeling of fulfillment wasn’t coming through for her, despite having achieved all she dreamt. Maybe she was successful but not happy. What then is a success without happiness? Your guess is as good as mine- useless. Bansi soon realized she had been chasing shadows of reality. Quarter-Life crisis was welcoming her with open arms. She felt lost and empty!

She was always stressed out after office. Just four months into her supposed life career, it seemed the weight of the world was resting on her shoulders. It was very overwhelming and devastating for her — too much pain for one person to bear.

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Bansi could not ask anyone for help because of shame. Yes, she felt so ashamed, but thankfully her family and her mentor were always there by her side no matter how difficult things got. In a bid to help herself, she indeed found help with books, and the universe was also fair on her. She started reading self-help books, and in no time, with the help of the universe, her path began to glow once more. Listening to Gabby Bernstein and Marie Forleo also did help convert her negativity into positivity. Her life took a turn for the better in a matter of months.

Rather than having a drink with friends or partying, Bansi would opt for reading books. She kept this routine for a while and by some miracle or luck, so to say- she got a mail from a blogger who had mentioned about “The Life Coach podcast.” As she was learning about her newly found interest “Life coaching,” she became an expert Life and Online Business coach who now helps Artists, Creative entrepreneurs and passionistas to turn their “Creative dream” into a “Creative living,” and she loves every bit of it. She found something she could do besides Accountancy. And yes, its super fun. She has devoted her life to “Creativity.” Today she is a Bestselling author and wakes up each day to serve and inspire millions of souls.

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Bansi was so concerned for so many years about other people’s opinions. This stuck her in the shackles of pain and depression, but the moment she realized her purpose was to serve others and make them happy, she broke free. It does not matter how weird your dreams appear, achieving it is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing. According to her, the Logic part is just keeping us from reaching our dreams in the comfort zone due to fear.

Since ages, our heart is fooled by love, life and society now is the time to listen to our heart. – Bansi Patel.

Bansi Patel

Bottom line – It doesn’t matter how unfair you are finding life right now. Hanging on is about the best thing to do, quitting is never an option. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. If you can’t find any light, you probably are not at the end yet, hang on. The sun will rise, and you will try again, fall again but ultimately find that light you have been searching for, for so long!


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