7 Ways to Become a Better Person

7 Ways to Become a Better Person

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

We all want to live a good, happy and a generous life.

Sometimes people hurt you, and then they ask you why you are so sad? Don’t be disappointed if people use your kindness to hurt you.

If a person causes pain to you, it is reflecting their nature, not yours.

Hold on to your kindness in this cruel world.

If you have done sin or wrong things in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t become a better person. Where you start is not important but where you finish is important. So start becoming a better person by these following hacks.


Smile At Others

Ways To Be A Better Person
We are all born so beautiful but the greatest tragedy is being convicted we are not.

In this world where people are being ill-treated, torched and bullied. Just smile at other’s because you don’t even know what struggle they been through maybe your smile can act as antibiotic in their life.

Every day when you wake up always tell your parent’s “You are beautiful” with a big smile. Tell your wife “You are so beautiful” with a big smile. Tell your Children “You are beautiful” with a big smile.

Pass a big smile to the strangers. Try this it will surely make a difference to those people who are living around you.


Help A Stranger In Need

Unfortunately, sometimes they are a very different person than who we have painted them to be in our mind.

Help a stranger in need it can be someone who is walking on the street, someone you see struggling in the bus and someone your heart says you need to help this guy/girl.

When you help someone be it a stranger, it will give peace to your mind also. If you don’t know how to help a stranger than simply donate your money to Red Cross Society.

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Laugh With Children

Ways To Be A Better Person
Laugh with children whenever you got free time. Seeing children smiling can remove stress from your life that no pills can.

There is something special about children their hearts are pure. Try to spend more time with them. It’s okay if your job is hectic but thinking about the work you do everytime can bring un-necessary tension in your life.

Make some free time not for yourself but for your children.


Always Forgive

Always forgive. I knew this statement is very easy to write here but very difficult to implement in real life. But if you hold on for unforgiveness it will destroy you mentally as well as physically.

Learn to forgive even if your heart was cheated, played and destroyed.

You should forgive everyone who has hurt you and in the end, leave everything in the hands of Karma.

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Always Thank God

Ways To Be A Better Person
Always Thank God for what he has given to you. The forces that are for you is greater than the force which is against you. If you are going through some difficult times than I want to encourage you that he is working behind the scene. He is going to take you to the places which you don’t even dream of.


Become A Volunteer

Become a Volunteer it is an excellent experience. Following website, will help you find volunteer opportunities.

  • Volunteermatch.org
  • Idealist.org
  • HandsOn Network

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