6 Reason To Become The Odd Person

6 Reason To Become The Odd Person

We live in a world that is stuck in a cocoon or as Jay Shetty says we are living in an Echo Chamber. We live by what others want us to be. We have forgotten our own identity because we are squeezed into society’s mold.

Money and status is ‘success’ according to our society but what I believe success is the deep fulfillment and doing what you love to do.

To no surprise, due to this echo chamber, there is an enormous rise in the rate of anxiety, depression, and insecurity. Life is an eternal dance between doing the things knowingly and unknowingly.

But what I want to tell you today; become an odd person. A person of excellence, A person of gratitude, A person who doesn’t complain, A person who doesn’t like to gossip and A person who resist temptation.

A dead fish can flow downstream, it takes a live one to flow upstream


You are not following the crowd

It’s effortless to become an ordinary person and to follow what everyone else is doing. It takes courage to do things which no one does, to make sacrifices and resist temptations. Because you have to do, as your destiny is at stake. People will tell you that you are not qualified enough, not trained enough or you don’t have the connection. Hear them through one ear and let it go through the other. Become odd.


You Are Breaking Bad Habits

Your friends will tell you, let’s go to a nightclub, let’s party, let’s drink alcohol and let’s take drugs. You only live once can’t you understand? I know it’s tough to resist and thoughts will whirl around your mind and tell you that they are right.

Always remember temporary happiness only leads to temporary satisfaction. If in future your friends come and invite you to the party tell them I’m not a usual person. I’m odd. I will focus on permanent happiness rather than going into what everyone else does.

You have to break the stereotypes.

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You Are Different

Why You Should Become An Odd Person
It takes courage to stand out against outside pressure. It’s grueling and sometimes even your peers deceive and cheat you. It’s earth-shattering. Forgive those who have ever hurt you, taken advantage of you or used you. I know your ego doesn’t allow you to forgive them. But you have to as you are odd. You are extraordinary, and you have a heart of gold. You are different, not the same as the majority who try to take revenge. You are kind. You don’t complain when things go wrong instead you believe something good is going to happen.



When you become odd, you treat the relationship with authenticity or genuineness which everyone adores. In this world where most people are looking for physical needs, you are the one who is living with high standard following the elevated road. You don’t play with people’s hearts, and you respect feelings. When you become unusual you will love the person who makes you feel better instead who looks better in the mirror. 

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You Become Consistent

Why You Should Become An Odd Person

When you become uncommon, you don’t give up on your dreams, and you remain patient no matter what happens. People around you may be negative, bitter and moody. On the other side, you have a smile on your face.

See guys it’s simple we brush daily, but we don’t feel anything. We hit the gym for one day nothing changes. Similarly, success is not an event it’s about doing small things every day that will make a volcano of changes in the future. Be consistent. Have patience. Become odd. Don’t give up on your dreams if your friend doesn’t believe in you.


Bottomline – Stop feeling bad about yourself while watching other people achieving their goals, start working on yourself and do what you’re passionate about, though it’s going to be hard after some time you will start feeling good about yourself.

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