7 Behaviors That Keep You Single (For MEN)

7 Behaviors That Keep You Single (For MEN)

Many guys don’t have a Girlfriend, while others have two or three of them. You live in the same place, go to the same college/workplace yet, are always behind them, when it comes to getting a Girl. What’s the reason? No, It’s not about your looks, neither is it about being smart or rich. The reason why you lag behind will be revealed in this article, and believe us; you will kick yourself for being such a big fool for this long time.

Man are single minded while women’s are like 100 tabs open at once.

If you think you are hot and beautiful, but still can’t have a proper relationship with a girl. We got a solution for you; we are here to tell you the mistake that you are committing that keeps you single. So, here we go…

Seven Behaviors That Keep You Single:


She Is Just Your Friend

she is just your friend - reasons why am i single And You are dreaming of having babies with her. Well, every guy commits this mistake. When an unknown/known girl becomes your friend, you feel like you standing at the top of the mountain and the world is in your palms.

You exchange your number with her and get a feeling that she is in love with you. Well, that’s not the reality. Guys always remember this “When a girl takes care of a boy, the boy thinks that it’s love, but it’s not loving; When a boy takes care of the girl, the girl believes that it’s friendship, but it’s love.”

So, stop dreaming and never expect anything from her, until she confesses her love. Live in a world of reality, not in the world of fantasy.


Complimenting again and again

Baby you light up my world like nobody else,
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,
But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell,
You don’t know you’re beautiful….

Girls love compliment but complimenting, again and again; now that’s an irritating thing. Everything has a limit, and if you cross your limit than the consequences might not be right for you, the same principle should be implemented in case of a girl. So guys, don’t compliment her again and again. If she’s beautiful than she will remain beautiful.

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Being possessive

Being possessiveYour girlfriend is out with her friends, she is not picking up your call, neither texting you back. Now, you might get a bit angry when she calls/replies back, but screaming at her as if she murdered your favorite pet, isn’t justified. Don’t be so possessive or act as if you are insecure. Girls really hate insecure guys, do not act like one.

It is true that a little jealousy can improve your relationship, but she has her own life too. If your girlfriend is talking with a guy, don’t ask her silly question like “Who was he?” “What were you talking about?”
Come on guys be a GENTLEMEN, not a Jerk.


Remembering Your EX in front of your Girlfriend

Girls just don’t want to hear about your Ex: How she dumped you, or you dumped her. Well, I guess, the same goes for us, would you like listening about how her ex-boyfriend cheated her? No right. If you are not over your ex yet, avoid going out with someone else. And if you do go out, avoid mentioning your ex. Don’t tell your girlfriend about your Ex and never share any story of your Ex with her.

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Looking for friends with benefits

friends with benefitsIf you want to be in a relationship, just to have sex with her than never be in a relationship. This is the most common mistake that every guy commits in a relationship. Never force your girlfriend to have sex with you. She will tell you when she is ready. And don’t leave her after having sex with her that’s not a Gentlemen quality. 


You don’t have a good sense of humor

Girls like guys who can make them laugh, and if you don’t have a good sense of humor than sooner or later, she is going to leave you. Just try to be childish with her and try to understand her. Never feel shy and never be very serious when she is talking to you (unless the situation demands it!). Always put a big smile on your face when she is with you and try your best to make her laugh.

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Not listening to her

couple talkingYou’re probably thinking, ‘Not again!’ Sorry guys, but it’s true – men don’t know how to listen! While this is among those relationship mistakes that are more a result of ignorance rather than meanness, the fact is that some men don’t even try. Unfortunately, this is not what a woman is looking for, and she feels unheard even though her partner thinks he’s done his bit.

Unfortunately, this is not what a woman is looking for, and she feels unheard even though her partner thinks he has done his bit.

So, try to avoid this common mistakes, and you would not be single anymore.

It’s a GUY thing. 😉

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