Somebody once told me that I need to stop being so much of myself,

I wondered, of course I wondered.

What was that supposed to mean?

I received what might be an answer:

“You’re too pure, you’re too much kindness. You welcome people and they walk all over you, and you let them.”

So here’s to every single person who thinks having a big heart isn’t any good, you’re wrong.

As much as I hated it, as much as I wished people would stop hurting me, as much as I hated myself for letting them get to me. I’m not ashamed of it.

I’m not ashamed of it and I wouldn’t like myself any other way.

Wearing your emotions on your sleeve is bravery, seeing too many perspectives in one situation just to avoid hurting people (even if it totally disagrees with your own feelings and point of views) is compassion.

You shouldn’t try to kill things like these, just let them grow.

I am the one with the big heart who likes to support and encourage people, I am the one who thinks of bad situations out of nowhere just to see how would I fix it, I am the one who likes to help with absolutely nothing in return.

I’m little more emotional than others,

When you talk to someone you just met and they feel like you understand them as if you had always known them, that’s compassion. When you may not speak up just because you know it would hurt the other person’s feelings more. That’s compassion.


Your heart is made out of forgiveness.

Being The One With The Big Heart

You forgive people one too many times even though you know they don’t deserve it; you’re disappointed after each and every time you say “let’s give you another chance”.


Being helpful is your favorite hobby.

You want to help, you love to help, you go extra miles for people who wouldn’t even cross the street for you. You’re not looking for anything in return, you’re just one good person; a one who’s too good to be true.

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You make effort.

You like to do things for people to let them know how much you love and appreciate them, you like your special ones to know how special they are and you wouldn’t give them any chance to doubt it.


It’s hard to say “no”.

Being The One With The Big Heart.

You want everyone to feel comfortable around you, you want everyone to find just one person to give them a hand when they need it. It worries you that they might get offended if you say “no” rather than worrying about how much of your comfort and peace its going to cost you.


You take things harder than you should.

A big heart comes with a lot of emotions, some words will stuck with you and torture you unless you try to take it easy or speak up to whatever hurts you. And its not like its a bad thing; it just means you feel more.

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You like to help others, but you have a hard time accepting help from others.

You automatically feel the urge and the need to help people when you see them struggling. On the other hand, it’s hard for you to accept help from other people; you might think you’re too much to handle. You have this urgent need to please others and make them feel comfortable, it would be inconvenient for you to accept their help cause you might think it would add up to their problems and you end up pushing them away when you need them most.


You focus on the good side.

Being The One With The Big Heart

You continue to see the good in people, even those who don’t deserve it. Even the ones who constantly keep doing you wrong , when everyone else around you tries to tell you to stop and cut them off. You don’t. Cause you’re just too good, you’re just too kind; you don’t get the idea that most people aren’t like you; not all people want to help anyone other than themselves, not all people likes to give out effort in return of nothing. But why wouldn’t anyone wish happiness to other people like they wish for it to themselves? how wouldn’t  you like another human being who has feelings just like you, to feel good? You’ll never know.


You hold on to the wrong things.

You keep holding on to some certain things when it’s time to let go. You can’t accept that everything goes, it all happened for a reason and it stopped happening for a reason.

You might idealize some situations or hold on to certain people or certain emotions when you really shouldn’t. You have high hopes or at least a ray of light that might drive you crazy. This is mentally stressing. This is not right. You deserve to feel the way you try to make your loved ones feel.

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Being The One With The Big Heart

To all the ones with a big heart, embrace it.

It’s hard to accept that people are going to take advantage of you when you give and give so much just because your heart tells you to.

When they walk all over you, crush your feelings and don’t appreciate a thing; it’s hard to be okay with it.

It is hard not to cry, it is so hard to build trust again.

It is impossible not to be scared, it’s definitely difficult to completely let go of your scars.

You might think you’ll never love again, but you eventually will.

Cause you realize that people are going to break you in so many ways, they’ve already done that before. You wouldn’t like people to experience how a terrible feeling it is when you give your all and get crushed in return; but you wouldn’t mind going through it all over again cause you might make someone happy, you might make it easier; and that’s enough for you.

I’m a person with quite a big heart, I’m constantly taken for granted, I know I might wish I’m not like that during the hard times. But I also know it’s not true, I wouldn’t wish to be anything else. While some people might find it a curse, I’m brave enough to find it a blessing.