6 Common Beliefs That Destroy Your Happiness

6 Common Beliefs That Destroy Your Happiness

Have you ever felt bad despite the fact that your life is very close to being a perfect life? Sometimes even when we have everything we need, our mind still manages to get happiness out of our grasp. Interestingly, certain beliefs can do the same damage to your mood as real problems, but this can easily be solved once we start seeking a way to substantiate them.

Being happy is not only an emotion but also a great health regime. If you keep compromising your happiness, you are much more likely to have poor health. For this reason, we are pointing out to 6 common beliefs that you need to change to keep happiness as a part of your life.


Expressing How I Feel Makes me Weak and Vulnerable

Common Beliefs That Destroy Your Happiness

In my previous work experience, I often found myself frustrated over feelings that I could not share. This is a common problem people have – thinking that if they show their feelings, people will see them as weak.

The truth is, you need to keep your personal feelings to yourself and share them only with those close to you. However, when it comes to your feelings at work, letting people know when and why you are mad, worried or angry is the best way to get to a solution promptly and efficiently.


I Need to Set a Vision and Stick to It Whatever Happens

Surely, it is good to have a goal and vision in life since this is what makes us more productive and eventually, successful. However, even though everyone must have an aim in order to get on the right path, no plan is ever perfect.

On the way to fulfilling your plan, you will probably encounter many barriers and troubles that will make you feel unhappy. Instead of pushing to get things done the way you planned at the start, try finding an alternative way that will get you to your goal.

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I Should Put Others First

Common Beliefs That Destroy Your Happiness

Have you heard that saying: ‘Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you are your longest commitment’?

This cannot be truer since, regardless of how assured you are that others should come first, everyone will pick themselves before choosing you. It is in the human survival nature. After I realized its true power, I started doing something doing something useful every day. I decided that I could help students and created my writing blog. As a result – I helped hundreds of students, and it’s one of the things I am most proud of.

You should aim to help others, especially those in need and people close to you. However, if this makes you unhappy, it is unlikely that you will be able to make someone happy. Put your own needs first to be able to start helping others.


Money Cannot Buy Happiness

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in Mercedes than a bicycle’. This is supposed to be a funny saying, but it certainly carries some truth.

Even though money should never be your priority, it can have an enormous impact on your happiness. Happiness is not closely related to the amount of money you have, but if you do not have any, living in poverty will certainly not allow you to be happy. Stressing over how to pay your bills or your kid’s school trip is going to eat you, which means that this belief if very far from the truth.

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If I Keep Working All the Time, I’ll Have a Fulfilling Life

Common Beliefs That Destroy Your Happiness

Being hard working and persistent is crucial if you want to be successful, but this does not mean that your life is well lived. In order to live the life to its best, you must pay attention to what your body says and what the body needs is a healthy work and life balance.

Remember, being successful does not only come from being persistent and working day and night. It comes from making smart choices, planning ahead and taking care of your health and happiness.


Honesty is the Best Policy

Everyone teaches us, to be honest, but is this really always the best policy? The fact is, no one tells the truth at all times because, in many occasions, the truth is inappropriate and harmful.

People are fragile and so are you. If telling the truth does no one any good and only causes unhappiness, would you still believe that honesty is the best policy? Get rid of this ridiculous belief and determine the best places to tell the whole truth and a white lie.

The pursuit of happiness does not lie in finding it in concrete things. You will certainly be happy if you find a dollar bill, but happiness is eventually a product of actions and thought. Therefore, you must learn how to get rid of beliefs that make you unhappy in the first place and concentrate on reacting positively.

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