7 Amazing Benefits of Crying (Why It’s Okay To Cry)

7 Amazing Benefits of Crying (Why It’s Okay To Cry)

We are often asked to be strong and not show everyone our vulnerabilities, and crying is considered to be a sign of weakness. But in reality, when a person is unable to weep, it shows how distant they are from their own emotions and thus far weaker. When a relationship ends or you are frustrated for some reason, it is okay to have a good cry. Emotional tears do sustain a high level of stress, which calms the iris and helps you in feeling better. It purges the negative energy and makes way for a positive one. Crying is hence, normal and you can grab the tissues if you want.


You confront your feelings.

Amazing Benefits of Crying

If you are able to stay true to yourself by confronting your vulnerable emotions, you are moving forward in life. There is personal growth in crying and if you don’t let yourself feel them, you are carrying the baggage far ahead in your life. Even the harsh feelings should be told to the person you loved and lost as it can help you bring closure. But, on the other hand if you run away, you might never be able to deal wholeheartedly in the new relationship.


It enhances creativity.

Greatest struggles in life end up creating magnificent art. Have you not noticed the life of musicians, artists or poets? All of them have faced some sort of challenges and being creative at that time, brings them to a good note in life. Pain makes us reach the core of ourselves and it takes courage to create something out of it. Opening up to the world in creative form and letting others know about what you are facing, might make you realize that you are not alone. There are many others who have similar problems and can get inspiration from you.

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It releases toxins.

Amazing Benefits of Crying

Tears which result from stress help you get rid of those chemicals which raise stress hormones, cortisol. Thus, you will end up feeling the whole lot better after crying out loud and wetting your cheeks with your tears. Crying is indeed cleansing, even through the body.


It helps in ending suffering.

“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.” – Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid. If you don’t pretend that everything is okay and face your vulnerability head on, you are going to get comfortable soon enough. But if you hide out and run from your emotions, you are only delaying your grieving period because, everyone needs to let the emotions out and no one can hide them too long. They have to face eventually.

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Weeping lets you deal with loss

Amazing Benefits of Crying

When somebody close dies, there are times when many people go into denial or shock and cannot react accordingly. Losing a family member, a pet or a loved one is the toughest thing one ever deals with in life. In these situations, all one needs is to hug someone and cry over their shoulders. They need to feel the pain and let the tears flow.


It improves intimacy

If we are able to show someone the depth of our sorrow, it helps in deepening of our bind with them. We can have closer relationships with our friends as they can relate to their empathy and then want to alleviate distress from them. Thus, if you are going to show an upbeat mode to your friends, they might be attached to you only on the exterior level. Friendships should be so much more than random gossip about colleagues and they are the ones which last. Crying with your partner can improve the level of intimacy and if they can’t handle your emotions, it is a sign that the relationship might never suffice.

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Crying promotes endorphin production

You might have heard about endorphin when people talk about exercise. The “feel-good” chemicals can boost one’s mood and help them feel better about life. Studies suggest that even crying increases the endorphin production which is why it acts like a natural painkiller. Endorphin also have a slight sedating effect which is why it’s easier to fall asleep after you cry in the night. Ever happened?

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