Do you set up your goals every single day in order to make everything perfect? Did you anytime complete at least half of the list of the goals that you have set for yourself? Do not worry at all. You are not alone. There are so many people out there who are imperfect.

There is absolutely nothing that you will be able to change about life when you are unable to do it. All you can do is just accept that you are imperfect.

You might have stopped following a proper diet just because you cheated once or twice, you stopped workout or gym, just because you were not able to make it the gym for a few days, did you stop dating someone just because that person is not perfect? This is all because of the pressure that you have to become perfect.

You should never force yourself or pressurize yourself to achieve something because this pressure is pushing you towards failure.

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So, the best thing that you can do is to be imperfect. After all, you are a human being, and you cannot be perfect in everything. In fact, there are so many benefits of being imperfect and perfect to learn something out of being imperfect.

Benefits Of Imperfection

Here are some key benefits of imperfection…

  • You will be able to maintain one particular weight when you are not following the diet. Yes, when you want to follow a diet and reduce your weight, then you may not be able to follow those hard and fast rules. That is because, when you miss it once, you will feel like a failure. What is the point in trying to be perfect? You need not have to be perfect by following a particular diet. Rather just eat healthy whenever possible. You can sometimes try your favorite food as long as you are not getting addicted to it.
  • When you are unable to do something, then just admit it and ask for help. When you admit your flaws and ask for help, you will be able to build a much stronger relationship with your family or partners. It is sometimes important to ask for help when you are not perfect in doing because most of the people are not sure whether to extend their help to you for help or not. So, help them understand your needs and your imperfections.

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  • You can try new things when you are imperfect, or you can say that you can try the same thing in a new way. When you are unable to do things in the right way, then you will try doing it differently as long as you are not pressurizing yourself to do things perfectly.

Benefits Of Imperfection - Why you should quit trying to be perfect

  • You will be able to accept the flaws of others when you are not perfect. Yes, when you are trying to perfect, you will expect the same from others as well. But when you understand how tough it is to be perfect, then you will start understanding the problem of others as well, and hence you will accept their imperfections as well.

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  • You will start loving yourself when you accept that you are not perfect. Yes, when you are imperfect, then it cannot be easy to do everything, and when you accept it, you will start loving yourself for doing at least a few things.
  • Your imperfections can bring a smile on your face when you think about the past. Yes, you may get perfect with time, but these silly mistakes will give you some lessons and also some time for you laugh.

So, when there are so many benefits of being imperfect in life and trying to learn from things as they come to you, then why should you strive to be perfect. Your imperfections can make you live a better, happier and healthier life than what you live trying to be perfect.

Do not waste your life on what you cannot do all of sudden. Keep learning and keep trying, you will get perfect soon and till then enjoy your imperfectly perfect life!!!