Teenage is a time of personal and family changes. Teenagers change their way of feeling and thinking very intensely. And this, coupled with the physical, emotional and social changes make its development become a whirlwind. The clothes we wear speaks of us, and it’s no different in teenage time, where it often becomes a way of expression. Start selecting clothes that you like the best may be the way to tell yourself that you are no longer a child and having the freedom to choose your style and feel different.

In choosing to wear a popular brand, kids brand themselves. Below we present you seven best teen stores, according to various researchers:


The Seven Best Stores for Teens:


H&M's homepage
The planetary popularity of the brand H & M has contributed to the good price-quality ratio, as well as having a mode closer to a broad spectrum of people. H & M is one of the first places where young people can develop their personal style at very affordable prices. Quality = price is the leading thread of the brand, and this proved to be very successful for many years because it is considered as one of the most popular fashion brands.



roxy's homepage
Roxy models are models of modern cuts, with exotic prints, and also with always actual colours. The models are designed for young people and all those who feel that way. The collection is more sporty (surfing) like, but certainly you can find the models that are designed for day variants.

ROXY is a very affordable brand that dictates the trends in the segment of fast fashion, which encourages the production of items for one season. This line of clothing is unfortunately designed exclusively for women.

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American Eagle's Homepage
The best clothing for teens! They have great models, with a simple design but with high-quality materials. The brand is aimed at people between 15 and 25 years. It has a variety of products like jeans, polo shirts, shirts, boxer shorts, jackets, sweatshirts,  dresses, skirts, underwear, swimwear,  etc.  American Eagle stores are taking care of the fashion trends and tastes of their target group teenagers.  The offer of their models is so cute, not too expensive, and very trendy!



Hollister's Homepage
Hollister Co., HCO, or simply Hollister is a clothing style “American Life” company Abercrombie & Fitch. Inspired in Southern California, the brand is designed to appeal to teenagers and young adults from the ages of 14-18 years and sometimes it is called as the look “Brandon Carlson.” The brand sells clothing with HCO logo and only available in the official shops.

The brand was ranked the number one brand for teens in the United States.



AERO's Homepage
Aéropostale, or simply Aero, is a US textile company that sells casual clothing for young people in over 800 locations throughout the United States and Canada. The stores tend to be located in malls and shopping areas. Aéropostale sells fashionable clothing including shirts, jeans, underwear, accessories, and swimwear for young people between 14-17 years of age. What is this wonderful Aéropostale has surf brands as Jimmy’Z, which has 14 stores in the United States? The company logo is a small butterfly that is usually found on the left-hand female clothing, and small logos Bulldogs or A87 of the man polo shirts and women shirts.



United colors of benetton's homepage
Can you believe that this brand produces over 150 million pieces of clothing per year? It is because United Colors of Benetton is one of the most famous global brands in the world, is unique in an international style that combines colour, quality, and fashion. Women, men, children and underwear collections offer everything you need for everyday, for work and free time, in the city and walk.
The brand is also present in other sectors: from sleek lines, eyewear and perfume to the home collections and products for babies.



NIKE's Homepage
Nike is one of the best-known brands of sportswear, footwear, and sports equipment. It can be said that Nike successfully keeps up with the various competing brands, with having different promotions, having one of the best commercials, and besides that, Nike company is also sponsors of well-known athletes such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods, as well as various football, basketball, and volleyball team.

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